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Other patients and staff were outside on the balcony, but the former President and a few members of his official party went inside to meet privately with the 52 Americans. There were only glimpses of the scene inside, but there were obviously some emotional moments. Afterwards Mr. Carter called the ex-hostages true heroes. The acts of barbarism which were perpetrated on our people by Iran can never be condoned.

Iran, in my judgement, and the people responsible in Iran for this criminal act ought to be condemned by all law-loving, decent people of the world. Despite his outrage at their treatment, Mr. Carter called the time he spent with the former hostages one of the most moving and gratifying moments of his life.

Even though their movements are somewhat restricted, it's a dramatic change from the last 14 months. Several of the younger returned Americans braved freezing temperatures at various points throughout the day to continue their reunion. The excitement, apparently, too much for sleep. They took turns coming out while beyond our view, began the first of the physicals, the debriefings, the update on events during their absence.

We've heard scant direct comment from the former hostages themselves, other than these first reactions as they arrived at Frankfurt Airport at dawn this morning. Thank you, America. There were flowers to be dropped to admirers below and paper to be tossed upwards for autographs -- another moral booster.

Later he looked like this. The stories they told were both physical and mental torture. John Martin reports. One American did say, "The Iranians lied to us all the time. Towards the end I don't think they wanted to beat anybody up unless they could help it. Others reported beatings and threats of death by armed guards who herded them into a room and forced them onto the floor.

And some hostages said they were handcuffed to furniture in an Embassy office. He refused and did not learn she was still alive until early this morning. In Wiesbaden today, after debriefing some hostages, a State Department official accused the Iranians of mistreating them.

In Globe, Arizona, the family of Marine guard James Lopez said he told them by telephone this morning that he had lost more than 50 pounds and had been forced with others to sleep in a closet for many months.

They also recounted their son's role in helping 6 Americans escape from the Embassy. They said, "Lopez was the guard who fought attackers back from an upstairs window, then led his countrymen to a rear door and stayed behind to insure their escape in the early hours of the Embassy takeover. Rocky Sickmann's family had said Sunday they were willing to forget what had happened, but today they talked of reprisal.

Reagan will do whatever he can do. They've lied and done everything else, I don't know what else we could have done, but what we've done and I'd say to hell with them we'll blow them away, I don't care. JOHN MARTIN Not all the families were willing to retaliate and some hostages said their treatment improved after a few weeks, but one man complained about the staging of propaganda films which he said showed him well fed and in comfortable surroundings.

He said he was angry at clergymen who failed to sense his predicament and then returned home to report that he was well treated. All 3 are believed to be at Evans Prison in Teheran. Iranian television covered their departure from captivity. It transmitted those pictures only inside the country. There were surges of emotion, reunions between those who have been isolated from one another since the Embassy was taken over.

And in that moment which 52 families and millions of Americans had been praying for, the hostage plane became a freedom plane. In Iran itself today, Prime Minister Rajai said that by holding Americans hostage, Iran achieved the greatest political gain in the social history of the world.

Such rhetoric will probably continue, but something is ending now that the hostages are free, the economic sanctions against Iran imposed by the Western European countries. There has, of course, been a welter of overseas reaction to the hostages' release and it is largely joyous, thankful and often caustic towards the revolutionary regime. We have 2 reports. First here is White House correspondent Sam Donaldson.

SAM DONALDSON Reagan administration officials said today the agreement with Iran that free the hostages is under review and while they were careful not to say this review might lead to its renunciation, they were also careful not to specifically endorse the agreement pending the review's completion.

In recent days, Mr. Reagan's intentions concerning Iran have been hard to pinpoint, to some extent because his public imprecision on the subject. On Sunday, before the deal's elements were all in place, Mr. Reagan sounded eager to approve it. They were prisoners of war. It doesn't matter what a candidate says, but a President's words are something else.

Calling the hostages "Prisoners of war" doesn't mean anything in diplomatic terms, but it sounds good to Mr. Reagan's political constituency.

Part of that constituency is the "Wall Street Journal" which today editorialized that Reagan should renounce the deal, which it said has the same moral standing as an agreement made with a kidnapper. Reagan's new State Department said it would review the details of the agreement, but there was no suggestion that this meant there were thoughts of going back on it.

As outlined, by outgoing Secretaries Muskie and Miller, the banks will get all their money, but private claimants may not. The agreement also raises constitutional problems which may result in many lawsuits against the US government. Hans Schmidt, a professor of international law at Columbia University is one of those who thinks the deal is illegal.

It makes clear that a government can practice terrorism and get away scot-free. Meanwhile, the man who made the deal, former Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher, returned home today. And congressional hearings over what happened in Iran are a virtual certainty.

It is now understood that no military spare parts were included in the agreement, but that Iran was paid for the cost of the equipment worth some million dollars. Here is White House correspondent Susan King. The Presidential seal in place, it was time for scene I -- the East Room. Reagan's opening line -- political orders for the staff. Reagan sounded a call to action. Later the new Press Office released the official family photo taken last night.

Scene IV and the day's closer -- a social thank you to those who produced and directed yesterday's inauguration. An unofficial reviewer said the administration seems bound and determined to live up to its title -- A New Beginning. It was moving day at the Vice President's huge official residence uptown and Mrs. Bush was busy telling the movers where to put the furniture and trying to figure out where to hang the pictures.

Bush spent a little while in his Capitol office, which most Vice Presidents haven't used much, and later ate lunch there with Senate Majority leader Baker and other top Republicans. In the Chamber, the Vice President said he didn't feel like a stranger, having served in the House and being the son of the late Senator Prescott Bush of Connecticut.

Then down to business -- the Haig nomination. Majority leader Byrd: "There are unanswered questions regarding the abuse of power.

Weicker of Connecticut, the Republican maverick, "Haig had monumental contempt for Congress," he complained, "and for the individual rights of Americans. Barry Goldwater, "It was Alexander Haig, who successfully convinced President Nixon he could not withstand impeachment. Those who want to associate Al Haig with Watergate are talking through a rather large hat. It was for Haig. With Haig now approved at State and Weinberger at Defense, that makes 4 cabinet officiers confirmed, 14 more to go.

Reagan's choice for Secretary of Labor. Today that delay may have been partially cleared up. Senate Labor Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch said the FBI has been unable to find any hard evidence that Donovan paid off the teamsters' union in order to buy peace for his construction firm. A desperate situation of unemployed steel workers was seen here in the Chicago area today. And when the doors of the plant finally opened there was a mob scene resulting in broken bones and at least 1 arrest.

Some of those lucky enough to get applications later tried to sell them for up to 25 dollars. Edward Kennedy, who have been married for 22 years, but have lived apart for much of the last 3 years. We have a report from James Wooten. JAMES WOOTEN It was a marriage of healthy affinity, both were young, attractive, Irish Catholic and wealthy, but it eventually became a marriage irretrievably wounded by rumors of here carelessness with alcohol and his involvement with other women.

They were separated inbut when he ran for the presidential nomination last year, she came back at his urging -- a reconciliation of political convenience. From coast to coast they campaigned together against Jimmy Carter, loving couple, husband and wife, father and mother.

And although it looked good through the lens, it wasn't working. While he was drilled about Chappaquiddick, she faced questions about him. They tried again, it didn't.

It isn't clear yet just who is divorcing whom and it isn't clear what impact this might have on Senator Kennedy's future political career. What is striking, though, is that the announcement of their decision came on the day after the inauguration of the first divorced man ever to be President of the United States. Though thousands of miles apart, these 2 historic events moved almost on parallel tracks today.

The new President had not been in office an hour when the former hostages became free men and women again. And they are well along now on their trip to West Germany and eventually to home. For the latest on their return to freedom, here is Peter Jennings in West Germany.

The American Ambassador to Greece, Bob McCloskey, did not go on board, but he did send some flowers on board and he got a note back from his old friend Bruce Laingen, who said, "I am very glad to be finally going home. We've seen only 2 pictures from Teheran itself today.

Iranian television did not transmit any of its coverage outside the country. We have seen 2 still photos. In 1, Joseph Subic Jr, the second from the left, is being escorted by 3 Iranians. Subic, whose parents live in Redford, Michigan, had once been specifically accused by his captors of being a spy. In the second picture, Donald Cooke, he's the one with glasses and a beard and somewhat more familiar to us, is also being escorted.

For Cooke, at 25, Teheran was his first overseas post with the State Department. The Iranians who watched television have seen more than we have. It's been on local television there, and in Teheran, the Australian reporter Ray Sinclair offers his impression of what he saw. Just looking at them they appear to, at momentarily at least, lost complete touch with reality. I'm quite sure they cannot conceive that they are free now.

Their faces are blank, their eyes are glazed, it's a stunning emotional experience. Many, perhaps most, did not see each other for those 14 months. It was," said Ambassador Lang, "a moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Without the Algerian government this deal for the Americans' freedom would not have been made.

And when the 52 stop there briefly, there are no plans for them to remain overnight. Algeria's role in all this should deservedly be restated. These medical evacuation planes are designed to give emergency treatment until they reach a major medical facility, and they may be necessary. As ABC News has reported, some of the hostages are physically and mentally tired.

Even before the hostages arrive, American negotiating team in Algiers held its own party, popping the corks on a couple of bottles of champaign to mark the end of a long, difficult and often frustrating effort to get the Americans released.

The mood of celebration was echoed by the head of the delegation, Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher. They'll be greeted by Algeria's Foreign Minister who played an important role in the final drama. There may be an informal reception but nothing elaborate. The Algerians understand the impatience of the hostages to waste no time continuing on their way. The next destination -- West Germany and an American military hospital at Wiesbaden, the next to the last stop on their long trip home.

In this country, the command post, as often in the time of crisis, the Oval Office of the White House. We have a report from Barrie Dunsmore. This one had a different ending.

Secretary Miller. Okay, now the next step then, so that, so that'll go to Algiers, and Algiers will then notify Iran to us, right. Carter could relax even more, although there was always the nagging doubt. It wasn't until the motorcade on their way to the Capitol that the President was able to tell the President-elect that the hostages were aboard planes and would be airborn in 15 or 20 minutes, but it would be longer.

Finally, just before Mr. Carter got to Andrews Air Force Base for his trip home to Plains, the hostages' departure was officially confirmed. The timing could hardly have been accidental. Once the planes had left Iran's airspace, members of the Iran working group at the State Department could take their first sigh of relief, to begin formally informing hostage families that everyone was out and safe. Relief, exhaustion and disbelief were the prevailing emotions. Also at the State Department, Mrs.

Louisa Kennedy, who had become a hostage family spokesman, said she was numb. She also described the Iranian's last minute toying as, "Revolting. Catheryn Keough, who's husband was the school teacher who just happened to be in the Embassy when it was taken, spoke eloquently of the emotion of the moment.

KEOUGH I think what you are looking at is about 15 months of holding one's emotions in check, and to shed all of that magically with a snap of the fingers and say it's over is very difficult to do. We are experiencing a decompression as almost exactly the kind of decompression that the hostages must be going through.

I think it's perfect. Many of the professionals don't know what they are going to be doing. Such circumstances don't really lend themselves to celebrations. However, there is an overwhelming sense of relief here that the new administration can begin without the curse of the Iran crisis. The inauguration of the new President, the departure of his predecessor, but for both a day of triumph.

We have reports on each. First White House correspondent Sam Donaldson. To the White House he drove, to be met by the man he was replacing. Then up to the Capitol they went, the 2 men riding together in the same car, heading for the exchange of power.

The ceremony was held for the first time before the west front of the Capitol instead of the east looking down the mall to the Washington Monument and beyond. But even as the 2 men walked out on the special platform, the suspense over the hostages continued to hang over the moment.

President are the hostages out? Only one event could truly dominate the ceremony at the Capitol on this day. These United States are confronted with an economic affliction of great proportions. We suffer from the longest and one of the worst sustained inflations in our national history We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow. And let there be no misunderstanding -- we're going to begin to act beginning today Can we solve the problems confronting us? Well the answer is an unequivocal and emphatic yes.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, I did not take the oath I've just taken with the intention of presiding over the dissolution of the world's strongest economy And as we renew ourselves here in our own land we will be seen as having greater strength throughout the world.

We will again be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not now have freedom. And at a luncheon, he could announce another new beginning. And from the reviewing stand in front of the White House, he watched his parade. There'd been an affectionate good-bys from aides and friends who saw him off. Later there would be some tears among staff members who accompanied him aboard Air Force I. When Mr. Carter arrived home in Plains, he found a big crowd waiting in drizzling rain to welcome him, perhaps triple the normal population of this little Georgia town.

Also there to greet him, his mother, Miss Lillian. The famous Carter smile flashed as the former President made his way through the well-wishers, but it had been a wrenching day for Mr.

An aide said he had been terribly hurt and disappointed when he was not able to announce the release of the hostages before leaving office this morning.

And speaking to old friends and neighbors here, he talked about his emotions, about, for example, a conversation with the wife of a hostage before leaving Washington. Schaffer, who is the wife of the senior military man being held by the hostages, said to me, "Mr. President, I hope someday you'll have a chance to meet my husband," and I put my arms around her and I said, "I'll be with him tomorrow and I'll tell him you love him.

Carter's emotions showed as he described how he finally got official word of the hostages release just before he arrived in Georgia.

JIMMY CARTER I had received word officially for the first time that the aircraft carrying the 52 American hostages had cleared Iranian airspace on the first, first leg of the journey home and that every one of the 52 hostages was alive, was well and free. Carter will fly to Germany tomorrow to see the hostages, but today after so many months of disappointment, in a crisis that contributed to his leaving office, he was back home and finally had something to smile, even dance about.

In communities across the nation church bells and sirens rang out the news of their freedom and in the homes of the families of the former hostages there were toasts, hugs, kisses and tears of relief.

At a construction site on Madison Avenue, the hardhats who had been counting the days, put up a sign, "Thank God," it read, "they're free at last. Never again. His mother Barbara Timm seemed overwhelmed. Thank God, they're in the air, they're free. MAN Now, they are free. She had become a leader, helping hostage families keep their nerve. Now it was over. The sign was a year old. Thank God, Almighty, free at last. Don't you believe it. The ups and downs of yesterday and today have been dramatically felt by the many thousands of Americans who live in the region.

For the third time in as many days, Air Force crews at Rhein-Main airbase prepared for flight the hospital planes to bring the 52 Americans back here. As crewmembers carried on board copies of the US military newspaper "Stars and Stripes" they had no reason to believe that this would be the day they would leave to pick up their special passengers.

Some Air Force people, acting as though they had a premonition of the good news to come displayed their feelings, while others, whose job it is to take care of the hospital planes, carried a similar welcome which they proudly raised for hostages to see. Finally tonight the departure everyone at this air base had been working for, the flight to bring the hostages home, had begun. When they arrive here there will be no official welcoming ceremony.

Instead they'll just transfer to buses for a 40 minute ride to the US Air Force hospital in Wiesbaden. What's the first thing you think that the former hostages will see when they get of their aircraft. I must say for us in Frankfurt those Nightingales taking off into a night sky were a visual reenforcement of the news that the former hostages were on they way.

Out at the Wiesbaden hospital today, some visual evidence of how welcome they will be. Third and fourth grade American school children have made posters and written letters.

They were simple, but declarative. Things are quiet here at the US Air Force Hospital in Wiesbaden, West Germany at the moment, but it's just a matter of time before activity becomes intense when 52 American come up the driveway here and enter the hospital.

This will be their home for a few days, but they'll have plenty of Americana, the physical examination, psychiatric examinations and debriefings and I imagine that most of them are looking forward to those telephones which they can use to call their friends and loved ones at home.

Any truth in that as best as you can tell? There is more than hope here that the crisis is practically over, but once again another batch of confusing and often contradictory reports from Iran.

So, we go now to our foreign desk, which is now in West Germany and Peter Jennings. Peter, do we have any idea what is happening in Iran? At this moment, we are told by the official Iranian news agency that the hostages are at Teheran Airport. But we are told by Iran's chief negotiator that they won't be released just now and beyond that it gets complicated.

Behzad Nabavi says the hostages won't leave until the United States places Iran's assets in an account at the Bank of England. He's also said, however, that a US bank maneuver, and he calls it an underhanded one, is designed to delay the release.

Nabavi says the US banks have put forward an 11 page appendix which tries to bind Iran to drop any future claims to its assets beyond the approximately 8 billion dollars already agreed on. The Central Bank's governor, Ali Reza Nobari refused to tell us why, but he said the issue was more complicated than that.

We are told incidently by some sources that Nobari is unhappy with the deal. But whether his stance and that of Iran's at the moment is financial, political or simply logistic, we don't know.

We do know that as part of the US-Iranian agreement, either side can change its mind within 72 hours. Well despite that and the fact that the hostages are not out yet, the White House still believes their release will come in a matter of hours, however the President has been forced to give up his plan to fly to Germany to greet them and then return here in time for Ronald Reagan's inauguration tomorrow.

Here is Sam Donaldson at the White House. The agreement Mr. Carter signed called for an escrow account to be set up in Algeria to receive unfrozen Iran funds which were to be held there until the hostages are freed.

One of the steps in this process requires Iran to send instructions triggering the release of the funds into the escrow account. Iran has delayed sending those instructions and why? White House Press Secretary Jody Powell says a minor difference arose, nothing that involves the principle and one that Powell expects will be worked out by noon tomorrow when Mr.

Carter leaves office. But nothing is absolutely guaranteed and in what seemed a warning to Iran, Powell said that if the hostages are not freed by noon tomorrow President Reagan will not be legally bound by any part of the agreement and can adopt a new approach if he chooses.

In any case, though preparations had been made at Andrews Air Force base and overseas for President Carter to fly to Germany to greet the hostages, that plan had to be abandoned by mid-afternoon, when it became obvious they wouldn't be released in time for him to make the trip and still attend Governor Reagan's swearing in.

But the President-elect asked Mr. Carter by telephone to represent the United States no matter when the hostages return and the President accepted, though he'll travel to Georgia tomorrow afternoon for a welcome home ceremony first before flying off to Europe. So tonight there is disappointment here that the hostages are still not free an undercurrent of worry that the deal could come unstuck, but continued basic confidence that things will still work out and within a matter of hours.

It was very early this morning when Deputy Secretary Warren Christopher signed and initialed the documents in Algiers, which seemed to bring an end to the hostage crisis.

That ceremony triggered President Carter's 5 A. Although, many of the supporting papers and the President's executive orders still have not been made public. The principle is that the US will start turning over Iran's frozen assets as soon as the hostages are freed.

It will do so using the Bank of England as an intermediary. Once the hostages are out, the US will transfer to Iran about 6 billion dollars in frozen assets and a billion dollars worth of gold. A large portion of that will immediately go to pay off Iran's loans. The remaining Iranian assets in this country, about 2 billion dollars worth, will stay in the US for another 6 months after which Iran will establish a 1 billion dollar security deposit to cover private American claiMs.

These claims will ultimately be adjudicated by an international commission made up of 3 representatives from each of the US, Algeria, and Teheran. There are basically 2 controversial elements in the agreement; The US has agreed to bar future claims against Iran and also to freeze the Shah's assets in this country, making failure to comply a punishable offense.

There is a serious legal question as to whether the President can constitutionally do either through an executive order. However, at Secretary Muskie's farewell today, the concern was not over constitutional matters, but the most recent snag. Muskie thought the new problem was manageable and did not think it would kill the deal. ABC News has learned from international financial circles that there are still contracts which must be signed before the assets can be moved and so far no one has signed them.

So, for the negotiators in Algiers it would seem there is still work to be done. Algerian doctors this morning examined the hostages. Iranian television transmitted picture of the physical exams themselves. There was no way to judge with accuracy either their physical condition or their state of mind. There is no way to tell whether they knew their release had earlier been agreed to. But in Teheran this afternoon, the Iranian people were learning more about the deal, as it was called then.

He's Ray Sinclair in Teheran. The chief hostage negotiator Behzad Nabavi took that line in a 5 PM news conference. Nabavi strongly denied that Iran negotiated from a position of weakness, said, "We managed to rub in the dirt the nose of the world's biggest oppressor, a superpower, thus forcing it to submit to the demands of our Majlis and families will have to wait just a little longer.

As John Martin reports it was partly because the excitement most of them finally allowed themselves to feel and partly because of the kind of nervousness that set in as the day worn on. Teresa Lodeski's son, Bruce German, was coming home. There was a telegram from President Carter to Richard Hermening, telling him his son Kevin was almost free. And there was the President himself on television at 5 this morning telling all the families and the world that it was finally ending.

Harry and Alice Metrinko unfurled a flag on their balcony. And hostage Rodney Sickmann's sister let out a pig call. MAN Can we judge the whole Iranian nation on what a few may have done? In Los Angeles hostage Jerry Plotkin's wife said she was not surprised. How much more of this can you and the other families take?

These special medical evacuation planes had supplies put on board including beef bourgeneon with noodles, cockpit checks were made, takeoff orders never came. At the US Air Force hospital in Wiesbaden the same early morning high gave way to a late evening low. Military police and their guard dogs made their first appearance, yellow ribbons were tied on the trees as a sign of welcome.

Tonight those ribbons remained once again a sign of hope. The I Love You More Than Godzilla Hates Tokyo - Poster Child - Moderation Is For Cowards (CD) events in which they've seemed to be on the very edge of freedom only to face new delays adds 1 more psychological problem they have to deal with. Even once they get home, as we know from other former hostages, the passage from captivity to freedom can be difficult. Tonight in a special assignment report, Rita Sands examines the hostage experience.

Iranian militants stormed the US Embassy in Teheran, where the 63 Americans captured, the ordeal of being a hostage was about to begin. Gone was their freedom, their dignity, they'd become pawns in a political revolution which held little reverence for human life. Marine Sargeant William Quarels, held hostage in Iran for 2 weeks.

So I just imagined that, you know, that I was going to be shot, there was nothing I could do about it, that I was going to be dead in a couple of days and I just tried to deal with death, you know, in my mind. And I tend, you know, I learned to cope with it that way because if I didn't, you know, I'd go crazy every time somebody walked up to me with a gun, you know, I'd go bananas. He spent 11 months in captivity in North Korea in It tests your, it tests your ability to keep your hopes alive and in an isolated situation, you're always your own worst enemy because your mind, to the degree that you have an imagination, tends to, tends to tell you that things are going to get worse.

I saw 1 fellow age easily 10 years in the 60 days. The inevitable submission erodes self-esteem. Pictures released from Iran over Christmas, showed the effects of prolonged incarceration. Passive behavior, weight loss, they looked sad and unnatural as one relative observed, but some of the hostages appeared quite fit in body and spirit, in a daily struggle to retain a sense of worth and individuality.

Cammaraderie among the hostages was very evident. One hostage's loyalty to another is predictable, but when bank robbers took hostages in Sweden, 7 years ago, an unusual bond developed.

A female bank employee held hostage 7 days reportedly fell in love with her captor. This has been called the Stockholm syndrome, first was observed carefully in a bank vault incident in Stockholm and I believe this has to do with the very fact that that victim is scared, traumatized, made to behave like an infant and then develope some of the very early attachment behavior that infants have to their parents.

It's primitive, it's unconscious. One hostage had this to say about the man who held her at gun point for 19 days. If the released Americans will have warm feelings toward their Iranian captors. What is certain it is a time of tremendous upheaval. There is that effect, it's not exactly, sort of, your life flashing before your eyes, one does examine.

RICHARD QUEEN Little things in life which you always take for granted means so much really now, seeing the sun and you also are, you develope a much closer relationship with your family, your friends and your country means a lot more now and your freedom.

The President-elect ordered his Secretary of State-designate Alexander Haig to get together a group to make use of what's already done by the Carter administration and provide continuity in negotiations with Iran, if the crisis persists beyond noon tomorrow when Reagan takes the oath of office.

Reagan was swift to echo the administration's cautious optimism about Iran. SUSAN KING This inauguration eve, rather than bask in the attention of a city focused on what he's about to say and do, Reagan finds himself dwarfed by the details of the hostage drama.

As the star of tomorrow's historic day, he is followed at every turn by reporters, but their questions focus not on his inaugural address, but on his plans for welcoming home the hostages.

Would you consider going yourself to greet the captives? President Carter becomes a special envoy to the hostages. Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher will continue to head the negotiations and because Reagan has not yet named a White House counsellor, Lloyd Cutler, who has done that job for Carter during this time, will continue to dispense White House legal advice to a new President.

One other economic note, personal income was up 9 tenths of 1 percent last month and that was not quite enough to keep up with inflation. His broken collarbone mending and, I hope, his broken heart healing. Jimmy Carter, like all the rest of us, made mistakes in the last 4 years, but tonight is not the time to dwell on what should or might have been. We owe him our thanks for what he did, just by being himself he made us all see it was a malicious myth that a southerner from the heart of Dixie could not be elected to the highest office in the land.

He knocked out that prejudice and how good it was to hear those soft southern accents denouncing discrimination of all kinds.

So, we owe him thanks for reminding us we can be, and one day will be, not just one nation, but one people. And he has been criticized for standing up for human rights around the globe. It is said he was not hard headed about it, but heaven protect us always from a President who is hard hearted and that Jimmy Carter was not. So when he steps out there tomorrow to see his succeessor sworn in, he will be given more than courteous applause and he will deserve it. And when the band gives him his last Hail to the Chief, I hope they put something extra into it.

For every day and night in the last 4 years, Jimmy Carter has given us that and more. On this nd day of captivity for the American hostages in Iran, an agreement to free them appears to have been reached. That's the word tonight from 3 countries, although only 1, Iran, has said it publicly. And, of course, the hostages have not yet been freed.

Pars, the official Iranian news agency announced an agreement some hours ago and Iran's chief negotiator, Behzad Nabavi has said the United States has sent word that it will sign it, but there is no official announcement yet from Washington. It is understood that first Algeria, the country that has been acting as the go-between in negotiations, will make a statement declaring the agreement reached and then it is further understood, President Carter will address the nation from the White House.

More on the White House story from Bill Greenwood. The advisers he asked to meet his helicopter gave a hint as to the complexity. That meeting has now been going on for more than 5 hours and officials are hoping it will be the final conference on the hostages.

This time it feels a lot better, there is, as I said, there's a difference in intensity here. We've been in detail, we've been in detailed negotiations now for several days. We're very, very close and I'm encouraged, but I think we have to be careful. BILL GREENWOOD It seems to be procedural, the agreement and supporting documents have to be translated into 3 languages, English, French and Farsi, which is the Iranian language, then each word checked to make sure it's exactly what they want it to say and that process seems to be taking a little bit longer than expected.

The arrangements have been made, most of them, and if it would not interfere with the inauguration, if it would not disrupt things for Ronald Reagan, I think the President will go to Europe.

Here's Peter Jennings in Frankfurt. After 14 months of pessimism even the most skeptical observers have allowed themselves to believe that a deal may finally have been cut. As you point out, Sam, Algiers has been the funnel through which all the US and Iranian messages have passed. And his expression of thanks to his interpreter seemed to indicate the successful end to a long and difficult negotiation.

And that was the mood that continued though most of this day, with everyone waiting for only one thing -- the formal announcement of an agreement. Unfortunately it has not yet come. The trivial details that the Iranians spoke about earlier apparently have not yet been overpowered. A news conference the Algerian government had called was suddenly cancelled. Reporters from all over the world waited in vain for some word only to be told there was nothing, but they would be called if and when the United States and Iran reached final agreement.

Then the Algerian government, which has played a key role in this diplomatic drama, would annouce the details of that agreement. And, most importantly, announce when and where the American hostages would be released. So, one more day has passed and no one is quite sure whether this is just a delay or another tragic deception. Jack Smith reports from the State Department on the steps involved. President Carter will then sign the executive orders that set the agreement into motion and lastly tonight, a group of some 2 dozen officials, headed by former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, will depart for Europe to greet the hostages.

Tomorrow morning, America is supposed to signal the Bank of England to set up an escrow account in Algeria, then some 8 billion dollars will be transferred into it -- Iranian gold, cash and securities.

As soon as the hostages are released, and that could happen some time tomorrow, Iran will be able to get roughly half of that money. The remainder will go to Iran gradually under a complex set of legal arrangements that take into account the claims of US companies. Vice President Mondale was interviewed earlier today on ABC's Issues and Answers and he denied that the agreement constituted a ransom. What we did when we froze these assets, which is to say we're going to hold Iranian assets, their gold, their dollars, in American banks and American owned banks overseas until our hostages are returned.

Named after the famous British nurse, Florence Nightingale, these specially equipt Air Force DC-9's are expected to fly to Algiers but not before officials are sure the hostages are on their way.

It is still expected the Americans will then be brought here to the Rhein-Main Air Force Base and one presumes that somewhere along the way they'll be told what's waiting for them here. The hostages' arrival in Frankfurt will be covered live at whatever time of day or night. The problems in protocol of the exercise are explained to correspondents almost hourly now by remarkably patient military press officers.

The television apparatus is tested frequently, there are daily rehearsals and a constant watch is maintained over the millions of dollars worth of equipment which now is in place in Frankfurt. In terms of manpower and expense, the Frankfurt operation is one of the biggest ever mounted overseas by US television. The irony, however is, that in some respects the undertaking will be hem strung before it starts because everything the hostages say and do and every where they go will be rigidly controlled by the State Department and the military.

In other words, it will certainly not be for the media to determine how much the hostages are seen and heard. It is here where they'll have the first real taste of Americana. They'll have a measure of privacy if they want it in rooms and beds like this. Hostages invariably want something specific and here the choice will be wide. Most important, they'll have contact, so long denied, when they want it with family and friends.

More on the families' wait from John Martin. Donald Cooke was Embassy Vice Consul, his first overseas assignment. It was crowded at his parents' home, reporters and technicians standing with them and the Cookes were a little nervous. Jerry Miele is a 42 year old communications officer who has spent 18 years at the State Department. His townspeople took the news as a sure sign that he would be home soon. But as Susan King reports, Governor Reagan doesn't mind at all. He agrees the hostages' freedom is more important.

It was not an official inauguration event, although they were greeted by pastors of the cathedral in Reagan's own California parish. Inside there were no prayers for Reagan and what faces him. There were prayers for the hostages.

In the midst of Reagan's celebration, he is shadowed by the hostages' plight and his role in it. It's too delicate at this moment. I don't want to say anything that could interfere in anyway. He joined members of the cabinet for lunch at the poshe "F Street Club," but the party did invite Walter Entenburg.

Musicians are already warming up for tonight's 3 house Kennedy Center inauguration party. It will preview a style Washington is bound to see more of in the Reagan White House. Besides the symphony there will be opera and ballet. However, the opposition Labor Party, far ahead in the polls, wants new elections as soon as May. Bjorn Borg today won the first major title of The battle was one-sided, Borg won in straight sets,and Remarkably Borg, is still only 24 years old, so is another king of sports.

His name is Bernard King, who surprised a visit with patients the other day at Children's Hospital in Oakland, California. He said to the ones who didn't recognize him, "My name's Bernard, I'm a basketball player. I play for the Golden State Warriors. Keith is fighting meningitis. Bernard King too is fighting a crippling disease. Bernard King is an alcoholic. Bernard King is also a survivor, he survived Fort Green, the scarred neighborhood in which he grew up in Brooklyn.

Bernard survived mostly because he put all his energy into playing basketball in the school yards. Basketball kept him out of trouble, basketball got him into college, into the University of Tennessee.

For Bernard King, the trouble started there. The drinking started there, triggering a series of arrests on charges ranging from theft to possession of marijuana.

Serious charges, but never serious enough to keep him off the basketball court. Bernard was too good. His rookie year he was brilliant, his second year he was arrested, again charged with driving while intoxicated and with possession of a small amount of cocaine.

After the season, the Nets gave up on him, traded him for inferior talent to the Utah Jazz. Bernard played 19 games for Utah, then a year ago this month, he was arrested once more charged with forcible sodomy and sexual abuse. The Utah Jazz suspended him, his season ended early, his career might have. He pleaded guilty to reduced charges, entered an alcoholic treatment program, joined Alcoholics Anonymous, played in the Los Angeles summer pro league and played so well that Al Adles, coach of the Golden State Warriors, told his general manager: I said, "This will knock your socks off.

Adles was ecstatic. Then I came out the door, a couple of hand stands, things of that nature. King, still only 24 years old, has help make Golden State, a last place team last year, a probable playoff team this year. He's averaging 20 points a game and playing with remarkable intensity. He just gets prepared for a ball game just like it's going to be his last ball game. I'm just fortunate that I didn't kill anyone or that anyone didn't kill me. He puts in time coaching healthy children.

Tonight we want to look back on some of the moments that made him an interesting man to cover for many of us who are White House correspondents. There he was, just a Georgia boy strolling through a mud hole in the summer ofenjoying country life as he always had with the family he had always known; Doing what he wanted to without regard to dignity as he pushed hard for the highest office in the land. And though a lot of people put it down to the cynical use of symbolism, the man some of us observed was quite an open, unpretentious and interesting human being.

He did things because that's the way he is, not because media man Gerald Rafshoon told him to. And that's the President shooting the rapids in the Salmon River, when his oar broke, was he embarrassed, but he had a lot of fun. He jogged in the sunshine, he jogged in the rain, he jogged till he dropped. Always a competitor. Surprisingly, however, publicly unbitter about his latest, greatest lost.

When he won the presidency and when he'd knew he lost it. In the process I tried to honor my commitment to you. God bless you. With his grandson Jason. I can certify to that.

When he changed his hair part. When he went to the Mid-East in on what many called a foolish mission to personally closed the gap on a peace treaty.

On the morning of March 13th, when he stopped at the Cairo airport on his way home it seemed he had failed. So when he announced that all the main ingredients of a peace treaty had been defined, no one was quite certain what that meant. He got asked: Does this mean peace Mr. Is it peace? We have not reported here on many truly memorable moments from Jimmy Carter's presidency and we have certainly not attempted to assess his handling of the office, but these events, some of the things for some of us who covered him, made Jimmy Carter an interesting man to watch.

And for that reason, as the Georgia boy goes home to Plains, a man that some of us will miss. And tonight it appears that Mr. Carter will go home to Georgia having brought to a happy conclusion the ordeal of the 52 American hostages in Iran.

Both say the terms are agreeable and only a few minor procedural steps need to be taken to end the day long hostage crisis.

The Iranians early today said the terms of the settlement were acceptable to them and tonight US officials say they have now completed their part of the settlement. So, everything seems set for final signatures. At the White House here's Sam Donaldson. It had taken US officials, both here and in Algiers, several hours to go over the agreement and there's no telling how long it may take the Iranians to do the same.

Earlier in the evening, as President Carter left the State Department after attending a ceremony honoring Secretary Muskie, he was smiling and in an upbeat mood, but he said nothing to reporters as he awaited word from Algiers. This afternoon, he had met in the Oval Office with government officials involved in the negotiations, and dispatched authority to Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher, in Algiers, to act on behalf of the United States in approving the complicated set of documents.

So, here is where we stand at this hour: The United States has signed off in the agreement, it is waiting to hear from Iran. The word from Iran will be passed first to Algiers, the Algerians having been the go-betweens in all of this; The Algerians will then make a public statement to the effect that the agreement has been approved by both sides.

And shortly thereafter President Carter intends to address the nation no matter how late or early it is. He wants to, preparations have been made for him to do that, to go to Wiesbaden, to Rhein-Main Air Force Base and greet the hostages or see them there, but, of course, it all depends on the timing because the President will be back for inaugural day and Ronald Reagan's swearing in.

Everyone's on standby here just waiting to hear from the Algerians, who in turn will have heard from the Iranians, hoping, of course, that they'll hear soon and that the President can go on the air and announce the good news. The fact they've had them for a couple of hours now does not mean in any way that there is a hitch and we're still believing that there's going to be an announcement sometime before dawn. It was Iran, through its chief hostage negotiator, Behzad Nabavi, that first announced the settlement.

Here is that announcement as translated into English by a representative of Pars, the official Iranian news agency. Nabavi said that as far as Iran was concerned there were absolutely no reasons for the stalemate not to come to an eventful solution now.

Algerians, of course, have been working as the middlemen beween the US and Iran and have prepared their airport to welcome the hostages there. A Foreign Ministry spokesman told me that a statement could come any hour, most likely in the morning, Algerian time.

Some members I Love You More Than Godzilla Hates Tokyo - Poster Child - Moderation Is For Cowards (CD) the US delegation have just returned from the Foreign Ministry where I'm told they may have been working on a statement to the public.

After a day of rumors, counterrumors and reports from Washington, Teheran and Algiers, the first sign of something was about to happen came from Christopher's happy mood and smiling face. Also the Algerians seemed ready to announce something all day before calling the whole thing off Sunday evening. In short it reflected a day and night of confusion, expectation and tension. The Americans, who are now secluded inside the US Embassy compound, told reporters not to expect any US statement from Algiers, but to stick close to the Algerians, who are expected to make the first formal announcement of a hostage deal.

And so it appears that the months, weeks and days of waiting have now come down to a matter of hours. Diplomatic correspondent Barrie Dunsmore is standing by there tonight.

This team includes doctors, phychiatrists, press spokesmen, support officials and even former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, who, of course, resigned because of the rescue attempt for the hostages in April. These 30 odd people will help the reentry of the hostages back into the real world. It is kind of interesting that one of the things that has happened today is that the State Department, which has been the focal point for this crisis for about 14 months, really isn't any longer as far as the present negotiations are concerned.

However, there is certainly no feeling of celebration, perhaps it's an anticlimax, or perhaps it's a moment of reflection; Reflection upon the costs of the Iran crisis -- not so much in terms of dollars but in terms of its impact upon the image of this country to other people and the feeling that this country has about itself. But this depends, the analysts say, on how the Iranian authorities decide to use the money. The mechanisms are already in place to start moving assets to Iran once the word is given.

This will activate the escrow account into which the US will transfer some 8 billion dollars worth of gold, cash and securities. Algiers will act as the escrow agent supervising the payments into and out of this account. Iran will not receive any of the money until the hostages are safely in a friendly third country, but here's what will happen.

The special signal will activate the transfer of some 6 billion dollars in cash and securities from the Federal Reserve system, about 2.

Rest in peace Michael Chris showed exactly how we all feel,that came from his heart and if you can't see that then you need glasses. Very humbling to watch. And before you get all riled up and self righteous, think about how much Michael hated to be exploited and used and how much he is being used in death by those who are supposed to love him. It all began the ay after he died when Joe shamelessly pimped his new record label It is pure exploitation and just disgusting. I just wonder what life will be like for MJ Thank God for Michael's sense in not allowing his children to have their inheritance until they turn He knew Chris Brown's record sells are plunging and dismal, even his tears for the MJ tribute were phony, Chris Brown should just beat it.

All of us have in life make mistakes. From these we have opportunity for personal growth, to reevaluate priorities, to set things right, and to "make a change" if necessary. Forgiveness is a part of showing love to others. If we want others to forgive us when we make mistakes, surely we need to do the same for them. He would be the first to embrace Chris Brown and not judge him. Who does not love Michael and to do a performance like Chris did it takes lot o energy and courage just to try to copy Michael's legendary dancing moves ,come on have some respect and learn how to forgive and enjoy Chris amazing performancewhat a lucky guy with a lot of courage to be able to carry out his amazing performance to try to imitate Michael's perfect artistic skills!

Good job Chris look forward to see you soon again ,michael would have been proud! Babycarie, do you feel that Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley are also a business institution, as you have stated about the Jackson Family, since they have been making money off the death of Elvis for many years now. Though I don't condone Chris Brown's actions with Rhianna, it's amazes that people have vilified this young man and tried to destroy his career, yet you have Charlie Sheen putting a knife to his wife's throat and his career is still going strong.

Contract renewed for his tv show Priscilla was not even married to Elvis at the time he died yet to this day uses the Presley name and cashes in on the fortune Lisa is just his child who inherited from her daddy, so she is entitled to the name and fortune just like MJ NOT the other family who have leached off Michael since he became the lead singer of the J5.

The exploitation of Michael's death has been beyond gross. And this is my opinion. RIP Sweet Michael. As for Cris Brown I think the whole Rhianna thing is over and he should be allowed to move from under that cloud.

However I believe he along with Jermaine milked that performance for effect I believe it was staged and that although I do not question his admiration for Michael, Cris was acting with self preservation in mind True-to-You — now that Larry King is going to hang up his suspenders in the Fall, may I suggest you put your hands up for them asap!!! For me, it was an inner healing for Chris when he took the stage in spite of his past mistakes A "redemption" of his heart and soul.

Please understand that, I never condoned what happened, but we are all entitled to a second chance. Hopefully we learn something in the process so that the same mistake is not made again.

With that being said, we are only human, and even though it is part of our nature to judge at times, we have to stop and remember as hard as it is to FORGIVE. Michael was a true example of this and he would be proud. As far as his performance, he did a fabulous job but I have to admit Michael is a tough act to follow. No one will ever "hold a candle" to him It just makes me miss him even more. No offense to Chris. When Chris Brown started dancing and singing, I just wanted to cry.

The longer he was performing, the tighter my chest got. I loved his tribute to Michael Jackson. I loved Michael and I always will. When Chris couldnt sing the last song, cause he couldnt stop crying, I was crying with him also. Anything that have to do with Michael, I cry cause I cant believe he is no longer with us, and the way he was taken from us God bless Chris Brown for such a good performance. God be with Michael's Family always and for ever.

And God bless his soul. He will always be missed and loved. Miss you and Love you Michael J. I'm not a big fan of Jermaine's. I'll try not to be too judgmental but he does strike me as an opportunist. Did anyone see Mrs. Katherine J's interview? She mentioned that MJ's kids, for a long time, did not know a lot of Michael's music or the depth of his celebrity. That speaks volumes on Michael's modesty and his overall character. Most notably, he wanted his kids' love and respect as a dad, not a celebrity.

Also he wanted to raise respectful, modest, polite kids who did not have a sense of entitlement. He succeeded beautifully. I was also happy when Katherine spoke of Debbie Rowe. It seems like they are on the same page regarding the kids — which must be why it's not in the news good news is ignored.

Katherine spoke very highly of Debbie and it definitely looked like she truly feels this in her heart. I think Jermaine summed it up well, spectacular is the only word.

As someone who knew nothing about Chris' talents, I was blown away. Even Michael would have been impressed. Susan One more? Will this help the defense or will this not matter because ultimately Murray was the one who administered and he is accountable regardless of who else might have initiated the event??

Could the defense use this for reasonable doubt saying maybe someone else entered the room during the '2 minutes' Murray left to 'go to the rest room'?? I know they will try and state Michael administered to himself but with the IV in his leg that would have been pretty impossible, and given the fact that propofol is so fast acting I really fear Murray will just walk away RIP Michael.

Susan Sorry I throw all my? What's up with Rob Lowe and Tom Barrack?? And why not make this arrangement with Michael when he was alive since Michael had expressed interest in film, and they are co-owners of Neverland and Michael's partnership would have been a win win Michael clearly is a much more visionary artist that Lowe???????????

Tatiana, A pleasure to talk to you again as well, I am great hope you are to. Sending more Smiles your way. BTS It is good to see you Glad that you are okay Have been worried about you Hoping things are going well for you Stay strong and head up.

I wonder what is going to happen to the blogs when Larry King retires. If they are closed down I will miss a lot of posters here but I won't miss those that love to play games. The whole process of mental, spiritual, and material riches may be summed up in one word — gratitude. Bet knew they had messed up last year with that sorry tribute they put on in place of Chris Brown's tribute. They allowed J-z to manipulate the awards show by having Chris Brown removed and what a horrible show that was, but they redeemed themselves this year by having Chris Brown perform.

All these haters out here hating on Chris Brown are the same ones who were hating on MJ when he was alive. People like that are so full of self hate that it's easy for them to hate others. They need to get themselves right!!!!!! Angie Pie. I am doing your daily word before I lay down early, because treatment was not so kind to me today and I am feeling weak and dizzy so here is you word of the day my dear friend and others who may enjoy reading these. Love, Hugs, Blessings And without Faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those earnestly seek him.

Hebrews We may think God wants actions of a certain kind, but God wants people of a certain Kind. Happiness is like a cat, If you try to coax it or call it, it will avoid you; it will never come. But if you pay not attention to it and go about your business, you'll find it rubbing against your legs and jumping into your lap. A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide on what to do. Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men! Do no pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for power equal to your tasks. Michael would Be Every Proud. There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle the other is as though everything is a miracle. Babycarie: I agree with each of your comments posted at p. You are absolutely correct and I'm so proud that you admit it.

Many others might feel the same way but are afraid to admit it. That is the difference between leaders and followers. You don't keep assets given to you that you haven't earned and ethically should be returned. The 02 tour that Michael was to perform, was initiated by Thomas Barrack.

They met multiple times in Las Vegas to have discussions and Barrack told MJ that film and a Vegas show would be the next steps after he completed the 02 tour. There were big future plans in the making. Barrack's business had suffered due to the recession and Barrack needed to recoup some of his losses. He new MJ would be the person who could do that for him. Barrack's business is to purchase failing companies and he made millions. The entertainment field is a different area that is not his expertise.

MJ would also meet with Steve Wynn who built many resort hotels in Vegas. This is also the time frame that MJ talked with Celine Dion to get her opinions regarding a Vegas show. It was Tohme who brought Barrack and MJ together. MJ's plans to do film, show, videos and books, etc.

With Rob Lowe, Barrack, a restaurant owner and I don't know anything about the 4th member, it appears they are all going outside their professional trades. My guess is they will pool their monies, be the financial backbone to this new company but will have to hire all the pro's to make it work.

Why or how Rob Lowe got in with this group is interesting to say the least. Virtual Friend 1 Hello Virtual Friend, hope that your days and nights are going alright.

Well, I was surprise to see that you have not posted back to me and let me as of this day. You are probably busy at work and letting the times pass by. How did you like the Chris Brown Tribute for Michael?

I thought it was wonderful to see Chris come out there and do all those wonderful dance moves, but in all honesty he can never take the place of the one and only Michael. My Heart as well as Joy went out to him, and when he hurt, it also hurt me more, even cry harder because I could feel the pains, of missing the real Man in the Mirror. Just, would love to know your point of view of what you thought of the hold performance. It is All for L. I loved the performance I know it took a lot for chris to get up there and do that performance.

America has treated him like an outcast. Rihanna is over it, so why can't america get over it. Who are we to judge chris? That's not our job. I forgave chris right after it happen I believe he needs a second chance and as a fan that is what I'm going to give him. Now as far as MJ's family. I feel like they're just using MJ as a way to get more money. Its bad enough MJ is gone but now they have a video game coming out.

They need to leave MJ alone and let him rest. With some of the Jackson family stating "others" are involved "more than 1 person" and "CM was not acting alone" are all statements that impact the general public. The general public in Los Angeles will be where the jury pool comes from. With the Jackson family stating they feel others are involved, then they are supporting Chernoff's defense strategy with the public. Chernoff is a smart man and is playing off what the Jackson's are saying to the public.

As you said Carie, it just takes one jury member to find a reasonable doubt. IMO, the Jackson's are referring to AEG, but do not state that publically which leads the public to form their own opinion.

All this won't harm the DA's case as they have a very strong case for gross negligence, but it could impact the manslaughter charge. The Jackson family needs to support the DA, go after CM first at the trial, remain silent in their conspiracy theories and after CM's trial is over, then pursue the conspiracy theory. I put myself in the DA's shoes.

If the defense says someone else killed MJ and the Jackson's are saying that also, I would be ticked off. Wow Larry, I'll miss you. I have watched you for years from British Columbia ,Canada. Enjoyed your charm and elegance. I have come to expect ,have you entertain me,after a hard nursing shift.

When I get home I look forward to your show. It's such a pleasure. It's been very refreshing over the years. I look forward to your guest's and topics. The years you have shared with me. You've been great company. I look forward to your specials. I'll also catch and cherish the remaining show's that you 'll share,entertaining me as always.

Bringing a laugh after my day of work. Your the best. Love ya from Cananda! We'll miss you!! Come work here! We'd love to have you, I'm sure. Thinking of you with love and best wishes,for all of your new adventure's. Hope there are many. Calling themselves MJ fans and being judgemental about CB. History keeps repeating itself. This hurts. He deserves a fair chance or else his talent will go to waste. Marguerite February 5th, am ET cris- We know you play both sides of the fence.

Just stating the facts. Love ya. Michael himself named Chris Brown as a "natural" talented singer and dancer with great potential and if MJ says so who are we to judge CB just because of one terrible mistake. Since then he has shown regret on many ocassions and he is really sorry. And you bash his family?? He came from this family, no matter how you put it. And please try searching for the right information. Priscilla rewarded herself of course, but in all fairness she deserves it because she manages the business.

It's one lawsuit after the other. So why shouldn't his own family benefit. Michael was always willing to help his family. He used to turn down very lucrative deals just out of certain principles he had. I saw the Chris Brown performance and I actually had some mixed emotions. I totally believe his situation with Rhianna is done and over with and he's paid the price for his mistake. He's lost endorsements, record sales, even popularity fans.

Hopefully he's learned from his mistakes. My favorite part of the performance was Smooth Criminal. I thought that was genius. His tears I don't know. On one hand I felt Chris Brown was overwhelmed by being back onstage again He's always made it clear he's been a fan of Michael Jackson's from a child.

So maybe his emotions just got the best of him. I still have days that I cry when listening to certain songs of Michael's. On the other hand Chris Brown could have just taken advantage an opportunity to gain some sympathy. I don't know I was watching Larry King last night and he announced his show will be ending in the fall. I was shocked!

I really do enjoy his show. Does anyone know if this will affect the blog? If the show is ending will the blog be coming to an end also? Well now I have stated 'my opinion' which in this lovely world is not only acceptable but encouraged. I am not a fan of the family, never have been, but that does not mean I cannot be a fan of Michael. So to all who feel that having admiration for one Jackson means marriage to all, good for you! I feel differently. As for Elvis, and might I add both he and Michael are dead death is not an opinion but a factLisa Marie inherited his fortune that she was entitled to like MJ3 will The exploitation of Michael's death is inconceivable, and his family is shameless in their quest to get as much as they can while the getting is good.

Yes many others have done the same, but family is supposed to protect each other from this abuse, yet there they are riding the wave. That is my opinion and frankly it is the opinion of many. So, if you feel the need to praise God and this family, great As for the lawsuits, many of the family members dragged Michael's name into business ventures without Michael's consent and Michael had to buy his way out of messes his beloved created for him because they needed Michael in order to do anything.

So, the lawsuits that are being paid for by Michael's estate are taking care of Michael's debt Michael carried the financial weight of that family on his shoulders his entire life and is doing so in death Rest in peace sweet Michael. You are always in my heart. Susan I thank you so much for being my source of information and providing such detailed answers to my sometimes confusing questions! It just really breaks my heart about Michael. The family needs to as you said support the DA fully and stop opening their mouths!

And the whole Barrack venture Why those who supposedly loved Michael did not throw him over their shoulder and carry his skinny butt to rehab I would have done whatever it took Again, thank you Susan. Have a wonderful day. Smiles to you. Chris heard Michael. Bottom line. End of story. He's repented. Move on. Michael lives through his music. Also very surprised to see you here, you stated numerous times that June 25th would be your last post!!!

Why is it that so many people can forgive Chris Brown after a year, but yet dragged MJ through mud his entire life? Chris Brown was guilty and Michael was innocent. I would never endorse a guy who has the tendencies to be violent towards a woman or anyone for that matter. It is sad that we can excuse his behaviour of which he was guilty of but we continue to harbour hateful feelings towards MJ and now his family after MJ "passed" and Michael was innocent, as is his family.

Chris did a good job dancing but that's about it. In my opinion, I would not have let him represent MJ at any level for a tribute. There are many artists out there that are just as good and have much more respect towards others. Larry, I really appreciated all the opportunities you gave us to discuss Michael here on your blogs.

These blogs gave as an opportunity to process everything that has happened since last June 25 Unfortunately, we still have more questions and answers. I want to thank you for this platform and for all of the friends that I have made here. I wonder what will become of your blogs. It will be strange not to have them as the central gathering point. While there are many other blogs and websites, this is the one central place we all visited to converse about Michael.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It seems to me, that no matter what any member of the Jackson family does, or does not do, that they will be reviled for it. They cannot win for trying Everyone just feels they are entitled to weigh in on anything and everything they do and say, I do not think that any of us here can even comprehend how difficult that must be for that family on a daily basis. Then think of how it was for Michael, magnified by infinity.

Apparently some fans feel that they are entitled to be the judge and jury and rule on every action or inaction of every member of the Jackson Family, when no one knows what is really happening. None of us is there behind the scenes with them, we do not know the depth of their pain, we do not know what they are doing to process and cope with this tragic loss. We should know more about the court case after the preliminary hearing in August.

Each side will give the skeleton of their strategy for Judge Pastor and we will find out if the State has enough on their side so the matter will be bound over for trial. Maybe at some point we will actually get some answers. And to all of my blogger buddies that I met here on the LKL thank you for sharing, caring, crying, and processing with me this last year. I heart you all, no matter what side of the fence you happen to be on.

It was all part of the process. And GENE!!!! I wish you would come back, espcially before Larry retires, I miss you and I would love to hear your thoughts on the trial. I hope we can make these blogs a better place, for what time we have left with them Babycarie: Who Are you? Are you and have you been rejected or left out of something, because it is very obvious.

Chris Brown was spectacular, and Jermaine knew what he was doing when he chose Chris Brown for the Tribute. So yeah, I stand behind you on your opinions because quite frankly, I feel the same way. You also hit it right on the head about people that supposely love him could have tried to save him no matter what it took. Now, as a result of all the craziness, we've lost a man who've won the hearts of millions the world over but no matter what, I will never stop loving Michael for the brilliance human being that he was.

There is just waaaay too many people caught up in the madness of Michael's death, and regardless to whether people feel that CB was faking his tears to gain sympathy or not, that young man did an excellent job in bringing Micheal to the stage through his flawless dance moves.

I have a forgiving heart, and although I don't condone any man putting their hands on a woman causing her bodily injuries, CB served his time, I Love You More Than Godzilla Hates Tokyo - Poster Child - Moderation Is For Cowards (CD), paid his dues, did his service, and apologized repeatedly so now what more is he to do, what more do negative thinking people want from him Who am I?

Who are you? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Whats it all about? Do you have the answers? I don't know what was behind this tribute MJ isn't the first person to be exploited and sadly he will not be the last.

Instead of putting the negative spotlight on CB and what he did which in no means do I condone due to the fact I know someone who was murdered due to domestic violence I say we teach our kids to respect themselves and others. People are talking about CB and they may know someone who is guilty of the same thing.

Instead of throwing stones at this man, let's hope that he has learned from this and is working on his issues and teach our boys and girls to avoid violence. Remember the man he did the tribute for was accused of a vicious crime as well, and even though he was found innocent that dark cloud was still over him. We don't know how he felt after the trail due to that.

We don't know if he felt people thought he was really guilty of the crime, and acted strange around him. I don't care who you are, no one likes to be judged.

Sometimes we need to put down the stones. I'm not really sure what to think about Chris's performance. He seemed genuine to me. Like was rpreviously stated by others, I think the emotion was a combination of many events this past year and I do believe he truly is sorry for past mistakes and deserves forgivness like everybody else.

His performance was beautiful and heartfelt. As for Jermaine I try my best not to be judgemental. I will admit to that being difficult for me though where Jermaine is concerned. I agree with you guys. The family needs to keep quite at least for now or CM is gonna walk.

When they talk about Murray not acting alone I too believe they are reffering to AEG but like Susan stated, that is not how it will be preceived by the public. Making these kinds of statements is only going to be twisted to help the defense.

Michael's problem was that he was surrounded by a bunch of money hungry people that supplied him with anything he wanted or needed whether or not he wanted or needed it. Like Jermaine said they knew his weakness and used that to their advantage. If you dangle candy in front of a child he's going to want it. I believe this is what they did to Michael. They knew Michael's weakness and used that to murder him. One year on, from the shocking events that took place in Los Angeles in the summer ofand the universe of questions Michael Jackson's extraordinary death threw into orbit shows no signs yet of being answered satisfactorily.

That Jackson actually died on June 25 is not in question. But it is the manner in which he departed that birthed an epilogue of controversy. Courtesy of TMZ's first truly global scoop, conversely at AOL would call the ensuing web meltdown a "seminal moment in internet history. From then to now, speculations of the Grisham-type variety about the state of Jackson's health and body to conspiratorial scenarios involving AEG, Sony, Jackson's last advisers, and his doctor — have raged like wildfire across the media.

Los Angeles, in the wake of Jackson's death, as well as coping with the influx of mourners and the world's press, also endured a summer of simmering tension between its bullish City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich, and Tim Leiweke — president of AEG, the sports and entertainment jewel-in-the-crown subsidiary of the Anschutz Company.

Long-standing billboard issues, the city's huge debt, and good old-fashioned ego, resulted in public sparring for several months as the two men locked horns over who should foot the bill for Jackson's magnificent Staples Center memorial last July.

Simultaneously transmitted live in over 22 countries around the world, news sources recorded the worldwide viewing figures as in excess of 1. The run-up to that event saw countless tributes from celebrities, heads of state, politicians, friends, and fans. But there was anger and a repetition of old accusations too. Watson asked the House of Representatives to observe a minute's silence for Jackson, some members protested by leaving the House floor.

Congressman John Yarmuth, would later tell radio pundit John Ziegler that the gesture made him feel "almost nauseated. The next few months would bring a seemingly endless stream of graphic, brutal revelations. International speculation about the results of the autopsies, the shock discovery of propofol and other narcotics in Jackson's system, the redefining of his death as a homicide, arguments over how fit for This Is It Jackson had been, ever-changing dates for the final burial of Jackson's body, custody of his three children, as well as the fight for executive control of the Estate; all severely polarized a city with a history of igniting easily.

But with the awards season over, the business of determining what and who killed Jackson, returned to the fore when Murray turned himself in to be formally charged in Febuary this year with involuntary manslaughter. The following month, Joe Jackson and his attorney-on-call, Brian Oxman, launched public opening shots against Murray in a page legal document filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Effectively serving notice to Murray's lawyers of their intention to pursue a wrongful death civil suit against their client, Chernoff and his team can hardly have been surprised since a civil suit so often follows or parallels a criminal one.

Headlines that 'Michael could have been saved 'followed in the wake of Oxman's and Joe Jackson accusing Murray of not acting quickly enough or, more damagingly, disclosing vital information to staff at the UCLA Medical center Jackson was taken to. Both Oxman and Joe Jackson claimed that when Jackson arrived at UCLA, staff had to use "aggressive resuscitation" to establish a pulse and a heartbeat, which eventually stopped.

In the lead up to Murray's trial — if that actually happens, it is inevitable details such as these will take center stage in the media's coverage. What is also certain, is that this coverage will focus almost exclusively on the most sensational aspects of Jackson's alleged drug dependency for maximum effect and maximum ratings.

In the eye of this storm, the fate of Doctor Murray, a man who increasingly bears the look of someone completely bewildered as to how he arrived at his infamy, seems almost surreal. While the media have consistently placed Murray sharply front and center of the investigation into his death, they have so far declined any public self-reflection on the part they arguably played in creating — or at least, exacerbating the conditions that brought Jackson within touching distance of a fatal tragedy.

This is not a defence of where Murray stands along the line of causality that led to the death of Jackson. Involuntary manslaughter, a paradoxically catch-all yet legally tight charge with barely punitive consequences for someone found guilty of it, needs only the component of reckless judgement to be present, and Murray looks likely to qualify. But the focus by the media — and indeed many of the fans, on Murray's still-to-be-determined culpability, is in reality, also limited.

While not exactly the 'fall guy' his defense team have cast him as, the truth is, Murray, who had only been in his ex-employer's life for three years before Jackson died — is not only the only player in this story. Famously reticent, Jackson — after the success of Off The Wall in and the phenomenon of Thriller in — had long ago retreated behind carefully constructed PR statements and controlled press calls in an attempt to limit an already chaffing over-exposure.

Already no stranger to the knife, inJackson had rhinoplasty surgery to remedy damage sustained during a dance session. Later, he would have surgery to restore cohesion to his scalp after the serious burn injuries he suffered while filming a PepsiCo commercial.

By the late 80's, while he was still relatively comparable to 'little Michael' from his Motown days with his brothers, the media were still a relatively neutral presence in Jackson's life.

This neutrality eroded, as Jackson's physicality changed more radically and his perceived 'oddness' began to attract much more criticism and attention in the intervening years between his highly successful Bad tour and the beginning of his promotional chores to support the release of his Dangerous album in For years, beyond reach of curious onlookers to the magic kingdom he seemed to inhabit, it would, be the momentous events of that would shatter forever the fragile stand-off that existed between Jackson and the press.

Attempting to scope an overview of the most turbulent and devastating years of Jackson's life is almost impossible for one reason.

So much of the truly important information was not covered by the journalists and networks paid to do just that. The ambivalence that many people have about Jackson's legacy hinges on these omissions, and it for that reason that retracing the steps of the media-led immolation of Jackson's name and reputation remains an important task. But in charting the negative narrative pursued by an entire industry, it can be clearly seen that the media's behavior as a whole — and that of certain individuals within it, went way beyond acceptable standards for any profession.

The highly effective 'monsterdom' of Michael Jackson was both deliberate and systematic. But in examining its construction, it is possible we may come to understand how a myth was built.

Jackson gets weirder and whiter, dangles baby off balcony, appears in a documentary with disastrous results, stands trial in — then gets off because he's a celebrity. In relation to The context of the ferocious custody battle between Jordan Chandler's parents, the use of a controversial drug to extract an accusation from a child, overwhelming evidence to suggest Jordan's father, Evan Chandler, planned and managed to extort Jackson aided by unscrupulous lawyers manipulating the no-win situation of a molestation accusation, and the real reasons why the financial settlement was paid, were given little to no meaningful attention by the media.

Once lit, the biggest story of the early 90's was fanned into a fire by specific media outlets, tabloid brokers, and television journalists using compromised sources — all of which obscured crucial facts from the American public. The reasons are obvious enough. An industry that needs a fast turnover of fresh news to shift copy and attract audiences is not motivated to 'slow' a news story down.

The speed at which a story develops creates its own momentum, regenerating itself in the process. For headlines to have their day, something has to give — and init was Michael Jackson. In the last two decades, the advent of satellite news gathering SNG changed the face of the television news industry.

Satellite news vehicles could drive to the scene of major stories anywhere and transmit on-site. When the allegations against Jackson first broke on a local LA news channel, few could have guessed that Jackson, at the time a much loved artist and known advocate of childrens' welfare, would so quickly become 'first blood' for the radical new era of hour 'rolling' news reporting.

For America, the first hint of the media saturation that was to come began on August 23, They had been tipped off the day before by Don Ray, a freelance reporter living in Burbank at the time, after he himself had been called by a source in the early hours the day before.

Ray, describing the media tsunami that followed said he, " watched this story go away like a freight train. The Jackson coverage would make the hot story 'de jour' — the revelations of Heidi 'Hollywood Madam' Fleiss's black book — pale in comparison.

Fischer wrote, " within 24 hours, Jackson was the lead story on seventy-three TV news broadcasts in the Los Angeles area alone and was on the front page of every British newspaper.

After an early tip-off, Graham, convinced her editor to hold the front page. The rest of Fleet Street jumped on the scandal a day later. The pace of events would avalanche, however, as a direct result of the leak of a confidential document to an American TV reporter at Hard Copy — a syndicated tabloid news television show, and its sale within hours to Splash News Service, an LA based agency that operated as a de facto 'clearing house' for tabloid news stories.

A go-between for the anonymous source of the leak met Hard Copy reporter Diane Dimond and her producer Steve Doran, in the early evening of August 23 at an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. Hard Copy insisted it did not pay for a copy. Aware of the impending leak, Jackson's security adviser at the time, Anthony Pellicano, in an attempt to beat the press at their own game, held a press conference on August Confirming the investigation was over child abuse claims, Pellicano's disclosure sent seismic ripples through an already bated media.

The reaction to Pellicano's confirmation amongst the media — barely controlled hysteria. At a time when the police were officially "not disclosing " any information, the threat of the DCFS leak had already claimed its first consequence.

It would compel Pellicano to pre-empt the leak, thus revealing the nature of a police investigation that had barely begun to gather evidence. Journalist, Allan Hall, then based at The Mirror — a British tabloid, recalls that at the time, " you had a sense that people were flying in from all over the world.

The explosion in ratings across the media that the release of descriptions of graphic, unproven allegations against Jackson generated, would only make the TV networks and editors more willing to pay for information from compromised sources and tabloid brokers.

This practice would directly affect the direction and substance of the criminal investigation against Jackson. It would also have a direct bearing on the pressure felt by Jackson and his lawyers when the civil suit was filed in September The decision by TV executives, producers, newspaper editors and reporters to use an illegally obtained document to broadcast incendiary accusations to the public, represents the critical point at which the media essentially 'entered' the state's investigation.

Nothing had been established, no charges had been made. But yet headlines went around the world linking Jackson's name to something that even the suggestion of — destroys. On August 25, Dimond, with an overtly 'he's guilty' slant, told an audience of approximately 6.

In those first early days, the real damage to Jackson came not from the police, but from the media roar created by hour rotation of the same allegations, the same pictures, the same soundbites.

This roar, would allocate air-time only to the most lurid details of the accusations. The broadcasting of the DCFS report on prime-time television as well as accelerating the pace of the Jackson story, also clearly directed the public to form an opinion based only on an accusation — not proven fact.

Jordan Chandler, the child at the centre of the allegations, whose family first befriended Jackson in Maycategorically denied being molested by Jackson until he was removed from the custody of his mother, June Chandler.

Up until Augustthe only person accusing Jackson of anything, was his father — Evan Chandler. The relationship between Jordan's divorced parents, already fractious, deteriorated rapidly when Evan's attempts to convince Jackson to buy him a house failed. It was only after this rejection that Evan first raised the issue of molestation.

And it was only when Jordan was under the physical control of Evan — a man who would seriously assault his own son in — that he would then accuse Jackson. InMary A. Fischer quoted Dave Schwartz, Jordan's step-father, as saying he believed Evan's reasons for insisting Jackson had molested his son were because [Evan] " wants money. June Chandler, until told by the police in late August '93 that Jackson 'fit the profile of a pedophile,' repeatedly stated that she did not believe Evan's accusations.

Her lawyer at the time, Michael Freeman, would tell Frontline in November aired Febuary '94 that June 'changed' her mind when she became afraid she would be prosecuted for parental neglect. The existence of considerable collateral evidence, in the form of tape recordings Schwartz secretly made of conversations between him and Evan between June and Julyas well as eye-witness statements, support the view that it was when Evan engaged the services of Barry Rothman — a Los Angeles lawyer with a savage reputation and code violations from the California State Bar against his name — that Evan actualized his intention to extort Jackson.

On July 11, Jackson's lawyer, Bertram Fields, in an effort to head off the lawsuit he had seen coming when Jackson first told him that Evan was demanding a meeting with him back in June, agreed to Evan and Rothman's demand that Jordan be allowed to stay with Evan for one week. Jordan would never return to his mother's custody. Crucially, it would be over the course of the next few weeks following this transfer of custody that Jordan would accuse Jackson in the presence of a third party. From July 12 through to August, documental evidence suggests that procedural steps were put in place by Rothman to secure Evan's custody of Jordan, and to ensure that continued.

On June 15, Rothman presented a hypothetical abuse scenario to Mathias Abrams, a psychiatrist who, without meeting either Evan or Jordan, supplied Rothman with a written statement that, " events as presented above provide the basis for the conclusion that reasonable suspicion would exist that sexual abuse may have occurred.

The use of the drug Sodium Amytal on Jordan during 'necessary' dental work by Evan and an attendant anesthesiologist, Mark Torbiner, would be the turning point in these events.

Jordan would tell child pyschologist Richard Gardner now deceased from the Los Angeles Sexally Exploited Child Unit that when he "woke up," he remembered being asked if "anything had ever happened between [him] and Michael.

Evan Chandler would later state that this was the first time Jordan confessed that Jackson had touched his penis. Their demand:. In those meetings, it was understood that this money would prevent Evan from making his accusations about Jackson public.

These negotiations had irretrievably broken down by August On August 16, June Chandler, realizing Evan intended to keep her from her son indefinitely, authorized her attorney, Freeman, to apply to the court for the return of Jordan to her custody.

Freeman informed Rothman that this order would be applied for the next morning. Rothman I Love You More Than Godzilla Hates Tokyo - Poster Child - Moderation Is For Cowards (CD) informed his client, Evan. The next day, August 17, Evan took his son Jordan to the psychiatrist Mathias Abrams that Rothman had already primed for exactly this turn of events. Jordan repeated the molestation story. Mathis, required by California law to report such as accusation did so, as Evan and Rothman would have known he would.

The dangers inherent in the use of Sodium Amytal are well documented. Suffice it to say, no other dentists or psychiatrists at the time in — or indeed now, recommend its use on a child, in the course of dentistry, or as an adequate basis on which any accusation made while 'under' such a drug should ever be upheld as legally or ethically authentic. The news report quoted Evan confirming that he had, " used the drug on his son, but the dentist claimed he did so only to pull his son's tooth and that while under the drug's influence, the boy came out with allegations.

Despite, unsubstantiated claims circulating on the internet that investigative journalist, Mary A. Fischer, no longer stands by her GQ article on Jackson, this is not the case.

As recently as November 25,when Jackson had already been acquitted several months before, Fischer restated and updated her findings about Evan's use of Sodium Amytal on his son. And that drug was given to the boy by the father of the boy and the father's friend who was a dental anesthesiologist. The dental anesthesiologist gave the boy the drug in a dentist's office.

As there often is in these cases of alleged child molestation, it's easy for someone to make an accusation, but it's very hard to defend against it. But perhaps the single most important detail that reveals extortion was at the heart ofis the most obvious one. Before the allegations went public, and while the protracted negotiations for a financial settlement that Evan initiated were still progressing, the easiest thing for Jackson to have done would have been to simply pay Evan what he wanted.

Jackson did not do this. Fischer, speaking on a PBS documentary in observed, "They couldn't reach any kind of mutual agreement, but had they been able to, the interesting thing about it [is], this case would have never gone beyond this room.

This simple fact was apparently lost on the journalists, networks, TV pundits, and general public inwho did not challenge the fact that in an apparently criminal situation where he suspected that his son had been molested, Evan Chandler sought the advice of a notoriously ruthless civil lawyer instead of simply going to the police. Given that Anthony Pellicano widely distributed the secret recordings of Evan and Schwartz's converstions to the press and CBS, who rushed out the first exclusive coverage of the tapes, a snapshot of the headlines surfacing just days after the allegations first broke, reveals where the media intended to stand on the subject of Jackson's innocence.

Despite the media's efforts though; a little over seven days after the allegations had broken, and a concerted campaign of damage-control consisting of press conferences called by Pellicano showcasing Wade Robson and Brett Barnes as examples of Jackson's 'healthy' relationships with children, expressions of unity from Jackson's own family, and playbacks of Evan's voice threatening, "it will be a massacre if I don't get what I want " to assembled press scrums — had resulted in a degree of softening towards Jackson in the public's mind.

This percentage was considerably higher amongst African- Americans. Just when the extortion component of the story was beginning to emerge as a viable reason for the allegations, the media found a way to reignite a story that was in danger of resolving itself. In the absence I Love You More Than Godzilla Hates Tokyo - Poster Child - Moderation Is For Cowards (CD) any personal statement from Jackson, the momentary 'gain' generated by the release of the tapes, would be shortlived.

Billed at the time as 'explosive new revelations,' the first of these 'witnesses' would be Stella and Phillipe Lemarque, former chefs at Neverland. Using Hollywood investigator and well known tabloid broker, Paul Baressi known to occasionally use firearms during fee negotiations, the Lemarques attempted to sell their story that they had seen Jackson 'abusing' the child actor Macaulay Culkin to anyone waving a checkbook.

Lemarque, who alleged that Jackson's technique was to 'get' children so overstimulated that they barely noticed what Jackson was doing to them, when subsequently cross-examined in by Jackson's lead lawyer, Thomas Meseareau, would admit that Barresi had advised him that saying Jackson's hand was inside Culkin's shorts instead of outside, would significantly raise the asking price they could sell their story for. Indeed, writer Maureen Orth in her article 'Nightmare in Neverland,' wrote that Barresi actually showed her two written versions of the Lermarques 'story,' that clearly revealed how the fee affected the content.

In '93, after the Lemarque story broke, Culkin publicly denied he had been molested by Jackson. But the press barely covered it, some even suggesting Culkin's denial was an attempt to 'save face. Under oath, Culkin adamantly denied any such incident occurred and also described the accusations of molestation against Jackson as " absolutely ridiculous.

However, back inwithout the benefit of hindsight to evaluate the Lemarques's credibilty, their story would add considerable fuel to an already blazing fire. The pressure on Jackson, increased simply because the media were willing to pay the price the Lemarques demanded. The Lemarques 'revelations' would be swiftly followed by two former housekeepers from the Phillipines — the Quindoys.

Three days after the first news of the allegations, ABC would send a reporter to Manila to hear their 'eye-witness' account. And once again, the media would pay for the privilege.

The bidding was about to begin. The fees asked for by 'witnesses' and paid by the media would come to thousands, so great was the demand and commercial value of 'fresh' news in the Jackson story.

As Paul Barresi would tell Frontline in aired Febuary '94" someone just has to have a story, a half-truth, and you mix with it with a little venom, then you have a tabloid story.

I thought Chris did a great job and you can tell that he loved Michael so it was from his heart. That's what means the most so it's the best tribute I've seen to date. I almost cried when I saw this because I love and miss Michael too. Even though it has been a year, the pain has not gone away.

Curious Cat- There are many that say they are not coming back but they alwsys return. How are you my friend? Love to you. There is a lot of truth to the words you posted. Don't let what people say get to you. Let it go in one ear and out the other. When people here attack someone they do so because they are jealous.

Love, hugs and smiles to you my friend. Blessings to you. First let me assure you that I come in peace. Next I ask you to hear me out before making any judgment calls. This is all in the name of LOVE. I ask each and everyone of you who reads this, how much does Michael Jackson really mean to you?

My dear friends, there have been many things that have occurred since June 25ththat "believers" and "non believers" don't agree on and that is ok,as everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But whether you think Michael is "dead" or "alive", whether you believe he was "murdered" or whether you believe everything is a " carefully planned "production", I ask you to put all of that aside for just a few minutes.

Please just open your mind to what I have to say as I believe it is very important. Believers and non believers I mean the one thing we all have in common is the fact that we LOVE Michael Jackson and I hope that we all know what he "stood"or "stands" for!!! Michael spent his entire life trying to unite the world with love. He endured trials and tribulations that no man should ever have had to endure, especially a man like Michael who spent his life dedicated to helping those in need!

Michael Jackson was, is and will always be a true Humanitarian We wait until he "dies" and then, the people who he thought understood him the most became divided!! How is that for a kick in the face to Michael? Do you think this "division" among his fans would make him happy? NO WAY!!! If you really truly love Michael, then I ask all Believers and non Believers to please take a few minutes and take a look back on the life of Michael Jackson.

Go and listen to the lyrics of his songs Then take a few minutes to check out some of his album covers, watch some of his videos I Love You More Than Godzilla Hates Tokyo - Poster Child - Moderation Is For Cowards (CD) you ever remember a time when Mother Earth was so volatile? Every day we wake up to more death and destruction and what do we do about it? We sit back and think that oh well "we" don't have to worry about it, they will take care of itl!

And Michael said " they who, it's up to us! He made it abundantly clear that we need to make that change!. He taught us that bringing Love back into the world was important, but we didn't listen! We said we would, but words are just that Actions speak louder than words. Speaking of the memorial, go back and listen to every word spoken during that ceremony and while doing so, close your eyes and let the words you hear, be spoken through Michael, hear his voice, see if you hear his "messages" in those words, some of you may be surprised!

So I ask you this, if we had him and we didn't get it, isn't it a "possibility" that he HAD to "die" in order for us to truly get his message? And because he did "die" are we going to let that be in vain also??? And to all the "believers" Has Michael's message not reached you either? Must we continue to look for clues and wonder when he is coming back? Must we lose hope at the drop of a hat? What kind of army is that? Certainly not one of Love! Do you honestly believe that Michael did all of this, planned out every last detail, to reward us with a comeback, when we have failed so miserably at understanding what this "hoax" is all about?

Do you think he had nothing better to do, then go to all this trouble,to find out we don't get the "message" and then we expect him to come back and reward us with his presence???

"You really oughta give yourself more credit. You're a good looking guy, Levi." "You have to say that or I'd fire you." "Nah. Being your editor isn't glamorous enough to fib for." He shot a look up at Erwin, but his sharp features dampened, a frown tugging down his lips when he took in the chiseled and defined features of his friend. Jun 29,  · by Gil Kaufman via headsfoottotanweato.geitridefrasmaronilabiccithege.co Chris Brown wasn't the only one getting misty-eyed at Sunday night's BET Awards during his tribute to Michael Jackson. The King of Pop's older brother, Jermaine, told "Extra" that he was also overcome with emotion during the dance routine, in which Brown paid homage to some of MJ's most famous moves and then attempted to sing . Jan 21,  · An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.

Sep 27,  · I Hate Love Songs Kelsea Ballerini,Trevor Rosen,Shane McAnally Kelsea Ballerini 0Sbeihd75SGitymHS8Bqbh Black River Entertainment Raumschiff des Mächtigen - Perry Rhodan - Silber Edition , Track 0SggWjhSwqolxAMxrcu Revenge of the Misfit 0SmH0OY2VLR6fYXDWgqt1A Upper Echelon Gatzby 0Sn1xNy4SAMCCqrMU1Yvyl.

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Browse top posts starting with the letter ‘I’ - Page Reddit has hundreds of thousands of interest-based communities.

Sep 27,  · I Hate Love Songs Kelsea Ballerini,Trevor Rosen,Shane McAnally Kelsea Ballerini 0Sbeihd75SGitymHS8Bqbh Black River Entertainment Raumschiff des Mächtigen - Perry Rhodan - Silber Edition , Track 0SggWjhSwqolxAMxrcu Revenge of the Misfit 0SmH0OY2VLR6fYXDWgqt1A Upper Echelon Gatzby 0Sn1xNy4SAMCCqrMU1Yvyl. Browse top posts starting with the letter ‘I’ - Page Reddit has hundreds of thousands of interest-based communities.

Oct 23,  · “Make sure you love what you do or it will eat you alive.” “If the child is left to himself, he will think more and better, if less showily. Let him go and come freely, let him touch real things and combine his impressions for himself.” As much as they hate us, they want to be us more than anything.”.


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  • Side A 1. Black Man In A White World - Live From Royal Albert Hall, London / 2. One More Night - Live From London Palladium, London / 3. Tell Me A Tale - Live From Birmingham Symphony Hall, Birmingham / Side B 1. Father's Child - Live From Royal Albert Hall, London / 2. Love And Hate - Live From Royal Albert Hall, London /
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  • "You really oughta give yourself more credit. You're a good looking guy, Levi." "You have to say that or I'd fire you." "Nah. Being your editor isn't glamorous enough to fib for." He shot a look up at Erwin, but his sharp features dampened, a frown tugging down his lips when he took in the chiseled and defined features of his friend.
  • Jun 29,  · by Gil Kaufman via headsfoottotanweato.geitridefrasmaronilabiccithege.co Chris Brown wasn't the only one getting misty-eyed at Sunday night's BET Awards during his tribute to Michael Jackson. The King of Pop's older brother, Jermaine, told "Extra" that he was also overcome with emotion during the dance routine, in which Brown paid homage to some of MJ's most famous moves and then attempted to sing .
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  • I'm waiting for you where you want me lyrics is a distribution around Ray you can just mess around somebody when it rains it pours apologise to customer the best carpets like the picture you put up it's em it's Sam yes very happy to suffer here a storm lentigo and hacking my phone now why do cells need carbon everybody must be listening Quran if you want a practice what you .
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