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The Blake Babies - Earwig Demos 6-7 March 1988 (Vinyl, LP)

Mar 07,  · Label: Chew Bud - CBJC • Format: Vinyl LP, Limited Edition Yellow / Black Marble • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock The Blake Babies - Earwig Demos March (, Yellow / Black Marble, Vinyl) | Discogs5/5(1). Explore releases from The Blake Babies at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Blake Babies at the Discogs Marketplace. The Blake Babies: Earwig The Blake Babies: Earwig Demos March 5 versions: Chew Bud: CBJC Mar 07,  · Buy Earwig Demos March [Color Vinyl] (LP) by Blake Babies (LP $). Amoeba Music. Ships Free in the U.S.

CT: How have the Highwood people treated you since you got here? KS: Really good, they got us real high. CT: Have you seen any bands that you have liked here? CT: All right. KS: Shit. We have to ride back with them back to Calgary about a three hour drive No really, bands we do like are like Mudhoney and tomorrow the Fastbacks. MV: Yeah, we slept all day. We woke up had lunch LP) bed then napped again. KS: Oh my god, we were watching the Ren and Stimpy marathon, it was so good.

A fat Canadian swilling a beer comes in to announce they have to go and he will be their driver to Calgary. KS: Really, well give us a little while. CT: Is it normal to get condoms thrown at you while your playing? CT: Oooh, a little catty sounding. KS: Well, he was a mean guy. He was mean and he tried to beat me up.

CT: So you fired him? KS: No, he quit actually. MV: He kept sticking beer bottles in his ass so we had to let him go. KS: Actually, we are into that kind of thing. We did egg him on to quit. CT: Maybe he should look up the term "anal prolapse" in the dictionary.

MV: He didn't want to go on this tour with us and so he quit one week before we were leaving. He said he still wanted to go to Europe and we said fuck that and got Jim. KS: There has been a few G. CT: G. KS: Girl Band Geeks. I think some of the people that liked the Pandoras now like us better. It definitely helped out in the beginning to get curious people out to our shows.

But that definitely is not the bulk of it because The Pandoras were really going down hill. CT: I once heard that someone got kicked out of The Pandoras because she was too fat. MV: Oh, you know who that was, that was Gwynne. That was before any of us joined. Gwynne and Paula had a big fight, so Paula went around telling everyone that she kicked her out because she was too fat. CT: So you were in the later Pandoras.

Were you on the final tour? KS: Yeah. CT: Because I saw you in Seattle and there was a lot of grabbing guys heads and sticking them to your muffs. KS: Oh my god! You were at that. CT: How did you go from being in a retro-band like the Pandoras to being the best pop-punk band around? MV: I disagree. I think Thee Headcoats are great. KS: I know but not that great! KS: We got sucked into it, no they asked us to do and then they censored us.

Because we really wanted to play that song 1 want to be with a Rock-n-Roll girl" like: "I want to beat up a rock n roll girl. J: Nope this is a first. KS: Yeah, this was our first condom throw. You know I took a lot of ginseng today and I guess people could just feel the vibes.

Maybe it was because my clit was hard and they could just feel it in the audience. CT: And probably see it through that dress. How are Warner Brothers treating you guys now? KS: They are treating us really great. CT: Are they pushing the album like crazy? KS: Well we have been getting more press lately. Our producers were really fat and they ate like 50 grand worth of food. But it was good, we enjoyed the food too.

MV: When they let us have a few morsels. CT: How has the fan following been since the release of the album? CT: Jim? J: The people have been really amazing, they are showing up more and more. You see a lot more people up front and singing all the words.

Once again the tat beer swilling Canadian comes in and this time shuffles them off. KS: Yeah, call us well do lunch. Timothy Gasscn writing from the Arizona desert with some more on the psychedelic frontier. Since we last spoke, the influx of cool indy sounds emanating on CD has multiplied dramatically. While the vinyl 7" is still happening for garage bands, most seem to have given into the demand of releasing LPs primarily on CD. Still, some of these bands sound pretty rough for the digital generation.

Case in point: The Squares, who combine two LPs onto their first CD release Billy Childish is the obvious reference point here, but these Limeys-transplanted-to- France add a bit more straight ahead garage to the mix, much to my delight.

Get Hip has this one in the US, thankfully. A French-only import is the debut long-player by The Bogeymen. The Bogey- dudes also have a couple 45s worth tracking down. Their debut 7" sports a beautiful color photo that is worth the price of admission alone. Find the CD on Dig! Records, with a follow-up due soon Dig! Their "Number One" CD is a non-stop fuzz fest, full of beer-soaked nuttiness. Great, great stuff!!! Their early 45s were good, but this disc blows away the competition. This is the pick hit of this issue, and must not be missed While some "hip" indy labels in the NW try- to ram mediocre stuff down our throats, Dionysus once again delivers the real goods.

MCA, notorious for bogus re-issue packages, finally put a couple minutes of thought into this re-issue It includes most of the tracks from the essential IX vinyl-only "Strawberries Mean Love" compilation from a few years ago, plus a few oddities and B-sides. Sound quality is great throughout, and it is budget-priced as well. Jesus, forgive me Highlights are new tracks from my faves The Undertakers, Electric Files both sides of their recent cool The only local garage band of note missing is the always-fun Falling Spikes, hut they should have their long-long-long-awaited IP out soon on Music Maniac Records Based on rough mixes, it should be very cool indeed' Some 45s worth praying for.

It promises some cool sounds for the future Greece's Purple Overdose have a new 45 on 5th Dimension Records, blending quiet psych and some muted jazz into a cool stew. Their records are impossible to find in the US, but the dreaded overseas mail-order route could be worth the effort for these guys. The actual LP is still available through Dionysus, so avoid the crooks with dubbing decks!

The same fanzine also plagiarizes articles of mine from my PsychedeUcatessen Magazine 3, and the LP s liner notes, which is unconscionable and cowardly, even on such an amateur level. Folks, please have the guts to contact the original author of a story, and gain their permission, before re-pnnting their work' While it may not be financially profitable to drag fanzine editors into court, fanzine editors who continue libelous practices could face events detnmental to their future health.

The LP version has a cod all-color gatefold sleeve, while the CD has a couple extra songs The sound here is garage-psych ala the Fuzztones meets Joy Division! Their 6th! All available from Get I lip The band is also planning to tour the l. And I'm still hard at work on the 2nd edition of Echoes In Timemy book on the garage psych movement of the s 90s. Cryptic Tymes: When did The Enemies break up and how did this lead to the formation of Outsideinside?

At that point, I was bandless, but full of songs and ideas. CT: When you played here, Allen told me that he met you in the bathroom of some dub. LJ: Allen and I had seen each other around the dubs, but never really met formally. We get dressed up really stupid and play a cornucopia of 70s covers, mostly glitter and early punk stuff. I can't recall how our conversation got started, maybe it was because I was changing pants or something, but we began discussing typical music stuff and both made a mention that we were essentially bandless.

This was at Raji's, kind of a home base for us. Unfortunately, the place was just condemned. It managed to survive the initial earthquake, but the 5. In fact, this interview is a bit difficult to concentrate on due to this ongoing post-traumatic stress syndrome I can t shake. That earthquake was fucked! CT: Yes and we were really worried about our L. Getting back to Outsideinside How did you meet Melanie, the current bassist?

LJ: Allen was in a side project with Melanie. We auditioned three people that came to us from an ad in the Recycler. They sucked, but Mel was great! After a few notes, I asked her if she wanted to join the band. CT: How long were you a three piece before Eric joined up? LJ: Actually, we never were really a three piece. I had asked Kirstin, the Enemies guitarist, to join the group.

We did one practise with her and a Swiss girl on bass. I caught the Swiss girl doing junk in my bathroom, so she too was out of the band after one rehearsal. Eric called me because of a flyer I left in Pooh Bahs, a wonderful record store in Pasadena. As the songs stand up pretty well, we can, and have, played as a three piece, but I like the awesome power of two crunching guitars feeding back togelher.

We currently have a new guitarist named Dorin. He works with Allen over at Tower Records in Hollywood. CT: The songs on your debut 10" are somewhat dark and melancholy. Was this due to your recent marriage breakdown, and feeling of general dispair at the time? LJ: Two of those songs, 'The Sea" and "The Truth" were post divorce songs, although "The Truth" was written about several other people in my life at the time of the breakup.

The first side of the 10" was constructed as to convey a dark, hypnotic mood. They fit well together in a live context and we performed them as such When it came time to record, we kept the live vibe intact, bridging the songs together via feedback.

However, we did have a lot of fun with it! Why did you do the Outsideinside mini as a 10" record? You also released a 7" at the same time. The new one is a CD right? Tell us about it! So, we came up with this awesome short but sweet package and disc. I wanted to have a knockout debut for the band, and I like the 10" format. We were able to do a great cover and have a decent amount of music on the record without blowing the whole wad on the first go.

The concept was to have this very moody and psychedelic 10" and this really rockin' 7". Our live set reflects both elements, but it was fun to segregate them on the first two releases.

I was searching high and low for an album title, but it came about thanks to mother nature. I was in the studio from Sunday, Jan. I returned home at am, got on the phone for an hour, then started transferring the analog mixes to a cassette I could listen to at work.

I'm lucky the two-track machine didn't fall down and crunch the tape! A few days later, Allen was over here, and we decided that "Six Point Six" would be an appropnate title for the album! I also took the mix of "Desire" from the 7" and put it on the LP. The feeling and mix of that song was too cool to leave as a 7" only track. Were they a big influence on your sound? What else combines to make the noise that is Outsideinside?

Their first two albums have stood the test of time! Leigh Stevens' playing on those albums is a major i i inspiration as technically he was bad, but in his haphazard style he created some of the coolest squeals, screeches and psychedelic punk leads.

While I don't copy his style of playing, there are many similarities between the way I play, and the way he played. His inspiration gave me the go ahead to get on stage and play a six string.

Essentially, we are a psychedelic punk rock group, The Blake Babies - Earwig Demos 6-7 March 1988 (Vinyl, with influences spanning at least three decades. Even with that in mind, I think our sound has a life of its oyvn. LJ: The song was inspired by a place in N. Hollywood that does the film for my record sleeves and postcards. On day, as I was walking through their work area, there were all these halftones of some really harsh porno.

On of the guys who works there told me that they do lots of film work for the porn industry, which is pretty much centered in the San Fernando Valley, N. Hollywood being just the tip of the iceberg. He pointed out a very desolate looking building, kittie corner from the shop, and told me that it contained a soundstage for porno movies. Months later, I returned home from a night of excessive drinking and was suddenly inspired to write that humorous, but regional tune.

CT: On the back of the 10", it says "Outsideinside proudly promotes substance abuse. Have f j you yet begun to fully master the guitar yet? You seem pretty comfortable with Know I switched instruments not only because I became bored with the bass, it was also like creating a new chapter in my life.

It was a musical challenge, and a handicap. CT: Finally, what did you think of Seattle? LJ: I like Seattle. In fact, Zebra and I almost moved there a few years back. Obviously, that never happened. After traveling all over the place, I decided that L. Even with all the hard times the city and its people have faced in the recent years, L. Every small city within L. I could do on and on. You guys 0 also have great thrift stores and probably the best coffee in the USA! Sin Alley. European Garage Comp 5m Alley.

Perverts Apemen. Louis, all new songs. Derby logo and all band names. Mailorder only S10 anywhere. Cash only! Double T s count as two!! If you want rates for other amounts write with IRC. Melter Skelter Italy.

Groovy Eyes France D Demy only. Perverts HoiPercolators C. Cryptic Tymes: Alright, so When I first moved back from Germany, me and some friends were just hanging out in San Francisco, nothing better to do, so we started rounding up bands and put out a comp, tape of local San Frandsco bands.

The only one that got big off that tape was Faith No More, when they sounded more like an industrial band then. CT: Who were? BW: It was called Thumper. We put out a couple of 7"s and some LPs. BW: We were real underground for the longest time. CT: So, you were in Germany for this. How much stuff did you put out in Germany? My catalogue doesn't include all the German releases, the Musical Tragedies stuff, and a lot of it was strange cassette comps.

A lot of the early stuff s way out of print. CT: So, when did you move to Seattle? At the time a lot of bands were just using initials, like M. A lot of friends had done projects with us and used the initials, like Mongo Throb and stuff like that.

CT: So, why Seattle? Are you from here originally? BW: Not at all. I was an "army brat," I grew up in the south, lived in San Francisco for five years, went to high school in Germany. All the people that worked on the label, we went to high school together. I had no idea what to expect when I got here, I guess I was just lucky to move here before the scene exploded.

CT: What year was this? CT: What was the first thing you put out when you moved here? The only problem with that was afterwards I got piles of bad speed metal tapes, for a long time people thought I was a speedmetal label. CT: So. BW: It kind of feels like it snowballed, but it was slow going. The Accused T kept me busy. CT: How many did you press? BW: Off the top of my head, somewhere in the neighborhood of eight thousand.

BW: Yeah. CT: Which brings us to the question, what are the good parts of running an indie label, and the bad parts? Probably just putting out the music. I mean, you really have to be a fan to put up with the bullshit you have to. Then, after they do have your records, you have to get them to pay you, which is not always fun.

The best part about it is the music, I kind of consider eMpTy a big family. All the bands are friends, and we hang out, and whenever any of the out of town bands come here, rt turns into a big party.

CT What's the prerequisite for getting on eMpTy, is it just because you like them? Actually, I like a broad spectrum of music. Ever since I did a bunch of hardcore singles with bands like The Fumes and T. Then when I started doing more pop oriented stuff, I got people going "Oh, you fucked over the hardcore scene.

Man Or Astroman? Influenced predominately by T. So, who then, make up this odd "band? Some believe he is secretly the lead singer of Charlatans U. Then again, some don't. Coco The Electronic Monkey ,1 Wizard is not human. Or humanoid. He was "rebuilt" after a k" horrible rollerblading accident by today's top scientists using an old A Atari game system, and drugs. Coco involuntarily operates bass Y guitar, keyboards, samples, tapes, lights and sonic messages.

He was obtained mainly to test experimental drugs on Coco, before they are unleashed on Man Or Astroman? He has always claimed that he is "not a real doctor; he just plays one on T. Bird Stuff plays red, or green drums, which is based loosely on the everlasting, year round celebration of the Christmas season. As well as being the most physically fit member of the band, he enjoys making popsicles out of Pepto Bismol, cough syrup, and other substances using ice trays and toothpicks.

He rarely leaves his house due to an intense fear of being away from a televison set hence T. On occasion, the band is augmented by Grand Master Useless on organ and various sound affect causing devices.

The full-length experience is k. The EP also is a treat. Out some short while it ago came the "Capt. It seems like these guys like to release 7"s, cause also fj available by the time this comes out are the MOA? For those seeking more information on MOA? Auburn, AL. Europe: Add sa. Recent releases, including a Primitive 7" and their contribution to the excellent Teen Trash" series on Music Maniac are well worth checking out.

Lo-fi retro garage at rfs best! The Others! Cryptic Tymes: How long have The Others been around? That was a good, but short-lived project. We all love The Byrds and Squires, too. Rob, the previous bass player was a Kinks maniac. CT: When did you start Misty Lane records, and maybe you could tell us a bit about the fanzine as well. Before long, this became a small catalogue with 'zines, movies, rare albums, tapes, set sales and so on.

CT: What releases are upcoming for The Others? First I wanna tell you about an EP on the Primitive label. Add Tapes in the U. BM: Well, I write the lyrics mostly about girls and time As for the music, probably I'm more purist than the rest of the band! Anyway, the sound of the cut depends on the studio and obviously "the mood.

What are some of your fave movies, books or other things that inspire you? BM: You found out! Kerouac is to me the best of the whole century, well I should put Buwkowski and Henry Miller in there, too. Ory prefers blondes, Andy is into a lot of 'Hippy stuff. CT: What kind of an audience do The Others draw? Since we started, a small, but good number of collectors and fans always come to see us. We used to have a 60s night only for us at the biggest place in Rome, "The Castle" with videos and music.

CT: Perhaps you could explain a little bit about your other band. The Mole People? CT: What final words would you like to say to people in North America? After the death of their original bassist, the band encountered various problems to find a replacement, which delayed its progression. They received critical praise, took part in many compilations, and toured endlessly 'till the dramatic "bass event" occurred!

Now they live in Sete - a small town close to Montpellier - and have finally found the right bass player. Jack Redrum. So, they are ready to start again, and our meeting took place at their hotel right after a tempestuous gig in Marseille. Cryptic Tymes: How are things going for you these days? Well record a new album this year as the first one is already two years old. Switzerland and Italy. Clint Not that much, seven times. CT: Where is Goulamas studio?

Sister Ann fro Goulamas is fantastic, she really helped us to do a great job with this song. Our second album will be recorded there.

Lou: I hope that we'll find a label quickly because we have many new songs and new ideas. Our dream would be Phil Spector as a producer and David Lynch to film a video. CT: Many of your compositions are inspired by books and movies, so what do you read these days? Lou: I've just read Dr Adde r by K. The action takes place in L. Then he mutilates the whores.

Legless, or one-armed whores will be very popular in the future. Jeter also explains what both customers and whore prefer. Some girls chose to become junkies, only one lifelong shot. Apparently, it's a masculine fantasy.

CT: Tell me about your Dirteez masculine fantasms? Clint: Oh! Fred: Being a Dirteez is already one. Fred: To me, it is as rt takes a lot of energy and brings pleasureas well. CT: Last time you played Marseille, psychobillies and company escaped saying that you were a Hardcore band.

How do you react to such a moronic attitude? Lou: Actually. I like the H. Fred: We played once with the Guanabatz and Batmobile, and rt didn't work out too well Lou: Really?

But you know, when they tcxjr, The Cramps are labeled as "Dirteez Rock. Fred: And bass players problems for a long time. We were babies when they started, and their in tervie ws were determining for us. They were the first ones to talk about people loved when everybody was laughing at me. Neither Rockabilly nor Punk!

Too much Rockabilly and too much punk! I love their being proud of everything they do, when so many Isands k doubt and hesitate, I love pure and intransigent people! CT: Will you dedicate your next LP to him? Lou: Yes, Lynch made a circle. After a commercial period, he came back to crazyness and lust. Laura Palmer is touching my feelings. A part of myself met Bob, he may still be around. I can understand what he is.

CT: What is he? Lou: He is the instinctive part of Man. Instinct in any way. CT: If a magician was giving you a chance to time travel, which period would you choose to see?

Lou: From to The beginning of Rn R. P ton Angel Meiico D. We also carry loads of cool and hard to find non-Estrus stuff. Their spirited mix of surf. Both of these were on the Norton label.

For some reason, the band remained silent for awhile and reappeared with group leader Derek Dickerson and bassist Steve Mace leaving drummer F.

But, not before they recorded the amazing "Sophisticated International Playboys" mini-LP once again for Norton, and featuring the drumming talents of one Bobby Lloyd Hicks of Skeletons fame. With Trent's Mummies and Phantom Surfers obligations, he had to bow out amicably, but stayed long enough to appear on the cool "Sophisticated International Playboys Theme Song" 7" on Estrus, released in conjunction with the Untamed Youth fanclub.

Then, a strange thing happened. They broke up. Not, however, before I finally got a chance to do this interview with Derek Dickerson. Also, I hear they have a live thingy coming out on the Estrus label and the last may not have been heard from The Untamed Youth.

Cryptic Tymes: Please state the current line-up of Untamed Youth. CT: Why did the band, or main members, move to L. We denied this evil fate by moving to L.

It was a terrible name for a band in the '90s, even though the movie and inspiration juvenile delinquents behind it was cool. We always got mistaken for a hardcore or heavy metal band! We should have stayed with The Nachosour first choice. CT: On your "Sophisticated International Playboys" record, you do entirely covers of very obscure songs.

Where do you find such gems to cover? DD: Because we have no songwriting talent, and because getting laid usually relies on some 70s-inspired bullshit "artiste" doctrine about being "original," we spend all of our time at swap meets and garage sales looking for obscure songs to cover, which we tell the ladies we wrote. A Sophisticated International Playboy is king of the free world.

CT: What is happening recording wise? Do you have any new releases coming out? We have an instrumental "Tube City" coming out on a Cruddy records sampler. Plus, I want to put out our first recordings fromwhich have more teen hatred in them than I can tell you in mere words.

DD: A more indepth look at our eating habits can be found in the Untamed Whirl magazine. Suffice to say, we never spend more than 3 dollars on a meal, which means we eat at Little Caesars and Taco Bell and Subway almost every day. CT: Derek, you play in another combo as well. Perhaps you could tells us about it. Currently it is the only musical outfit I am playing with, besides occasional drumming duties with The Finks.

We went down to Coney Island on day and shot the thing. About three months later, he sent me a copy. That was right about the time MTV decided never to touch a truly independent video again, so it was never aired anywhere.

I like making films myself, unfortunately I am restricted by finances to the Super 8 medium, so my visions of grandeur get watered down in the process. People seem to like them, though. What do you plan to do to keep vinyl alive? If I can make a penny, I'll out the product out on 8-track tapes! Screw it! Forget it! I plan to keep vinyl alive by never putting something that isn't available on vinyl, 'cause I want to be able to listen to it in my own home, or send a copy to my folks.

DD: Howdy! If you like music made without Marshall amps and backwards-turned baseball caps and those stupid college-boy shorts, then buy our records! Thanks again! Un tamed Yo u th Dis c ogra phy.

Our free mailorder catalog has hundreds of 45s, and LPs by bands and labels from all over the world. From the odd and obscure to the well known. Where else will you find all these records and more??

Box ct Newtonville, MA. Reports of this bizarre combo first f A came filtering in to CT H. Full of great surf-style riffs and reverb guitars, augmented by crazy "sci-fi" effects, this tape is a total blast off.

For more info, or to order their tape, contact them at: Astrosonic Records St. This cool 7" features a killer hot rod inslro tune called "XKE! Right now, the band is concentrating on playing live as much as possible and getting more releases out. Francis," so named after the beach with the supposed "perfect waves.

Interested labels should contact them, and fans are more than welcome to drop them a line for the lowdown on Boss Martians happenings. So, what are ya waiting for? Get with the go-man-go, super-boss sound of The Boss Martians now! They had the same ideas for "a sound" and were big fans of B s surf and hot rod music.

Even vintage Fender Dual Showman amps. No fuzzboxes, no digital effects, B just reverb. They found one in Nick Contento, who joined the band and brought to them an even better organ sound.

After a brief change in name to The Coachmen, they reverted back to The Boss Martians moniker and began actively playing shows in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Evan thinks this line-up is the best yet. He makes a point that the band is hard working, tight and professional. Dressed in matching stage outfits, they presented a striking visual effect as well. We're huge Pyramids fans, too. I think that Wille Glover, being the token black guy in an all-white surf Southern California surf band inthat was pretty amazing.

Plus, they were great showmen, great players. They B had so much wildness to their show. Nick is a huge Burt Bacharach fan, and the whole band is into fl Henry Mancini as well. Just check out their version of "Banzai Pipeline" for proof. These three punks from Noo Yawk City have been playing around since the eighties. As The Rat Bastards, they blasted unsuspecting audiences with their garage-powerpop trash. Besides, any band that was billed as a cross between DMZ and The Saints, and was cod enough to cover Thee Mighty Caesars was certainly cool enough for me!

The whole CD smokes, babies! I noticed more harmonies, some slower tunes, some more "hardcore" tunes. What prompted some of these changes in style? Steve Baise: We really feel the style is the same - hard and fast, the way the bitches like it. We just worked really hard on the recording and wanted it to be our best.

We feel it is, but we can top it. How did you find working with Kurt Bloch and why did you decide to record in Seattle? SB: Kurt is a genius. We loved working with him. We recorded "Saturday Night Fever" in the middle of a tour, so we could be in the best shape possible. The well-oiled rock machine was in overdrive! Are you happy with the results? SB: Everyone knows we love parties and Saturday nite is the party nite.

We are very happy with the results. Same sessions, same great sound! CT: Are you still influenced by the same stuff, or has that changed of late? CT: Past Devil Dogs releases, including the most recent, show you guys outside of strip clubs. Who are your favorite performer? CT: How did the recent European tour go? Are you guys well liked over there? SB: We are gods over there, and we just did our fourth tour.

We play for thousands of kids over there. CT: How did the latest release work with the two different labels Sympathy releasing it in the U. S, Crypt in Germany? CT: Are there any bands that the Devil Dogs really love to cover?

SB: We hate all bands. CT: Don't you love The Wailers? Same for The Sonics, just enjoy them and do your own thing. CT: Who were some of the best bands you played with on tour in The Blake Babies - Earwig Demos 6-7 March 1988 (Vinyl CT: The worst? SB: We mostly got stuck with some horrible Euro-trash garage band!

CT: What did you see happening in the future for the Devil Dogs, both recording and touring-wise? CT: Okay, thanks! SB: No, thank-you! The Devil Dogs: Lafayette St. You see, one night we were sitting around the old pad, after having both put in full days of work, when the phone rings. The guy on the other end is named Sam.

Apparently, it would seem that Sam had an old copy of CT 3, but figured I had probably moved since I mentioned in that issue my intention to move out west Sam contacted Darren Merinuk by calling directory assistance, and he then got my new number here in Seattle from Darren! I was impressed by this man's diligence in tracking down a guy who puts out one in a whole ton of fanzines out there! Well, we got to talking about his band, Mondo Toplessand they indeed sound like they'd be to my liking.

About two weeks after talking to Sam, I received a tape in the mail, and a very nicely designed press kit, I might add. Have I raved enough? Mondo Topless ; who incidentally take their name from an old Russ Meyer flic, formed in the fall of ' Their debut gig was, in fact, Halloween of ' Rik Halter aka "Fleabag Spamkiller Jr. M handles the Fender-powered guitar. Juliette Watts aka "Frenzy Dark" is "the vixen with the throbbing, big-bottom bass - the only sane member of the group, and only half-sane at that" and seems to have a bit of a Dark Bros, fetish she also played in a band called Double Penetration.

Lastly, Tom Connors aka Plutonian Toadstool bashes the caveman skins. There were a few line-up shuffles including an ex- Lyres drummer passing through brieflybefore settling on the line-up that is Mondo Topless now. Juliette also did some time The Friggs. The four members seem to have a love for all things garage, although they admit to having a variety of different influences make up their sound.

Sam likes to think their music is garagey, but not too retro, either. Like their press kit a wiggy treat in itself describes, Mondo Topless are: "garage sludge-a-go-go. Wigged out fuzzed-out biker bilge, with a delicious chewy center. Ask for some free issues! Just check us out and you 'll be surprised! J Ontario, Canada. In the summer of they made it to Seattle for the first time, and enjoyed it so much that they came back in December.

Thanks for the beer, guys! Tell us what you do in the band. Glenn: I'm Glenn, I play drums. Colin: I play bass and sometimes sing. Alan: So, who are we missing? When did this happen? Chris: I guess about a year ago. We did it just because there were other bands called The Stand. So we said, we'll just do the Dinosaur Jr. The other thing we toyed with which was really stupid was like, uh, The Charlatans U. CT: The Stand U. Glenn: The Stand Canada! CT: So how has the tour gone so far? Did you play all across Canada, then dip down here?

Chris: Yeah, we had some awesome shows in Northern Ontario. We did an amazing all ages show in Souix St. Chris: Uncommon Society from Ottawa, Crash 13 from our area. We have a 7" compilation, a Glengary compilation out with them on it. We played a show with a cool Sudbury band called Bleak.

Of course, Cub, Bum and The Smugglers, those bands are all really good. Chris: Nothing, it's such a drag. Halifax is a lot of fun to play, and so Is Quebec City. CT: What about the not so good bands that get all the attention, like bad Seattle bands?

Colin: I think the worst band we played with was that band from Vancouver, The Illicit. Chris: They were doing this cliched funky shit. Colin: Playing their guitars behind their heads. Colin: Two weeks! CT: Did you know these guys before? When their bass player quit, they called me, so I took three weeks off school and did it.

CT: Did you know the songs already? Colin: Some of the old ones, I had a LP) to practise before we left, then I sat in the back of the van with a Walkman and practised. CT: So, do you have any good "tour stories? With our old bassist I know he would often learn the songs the night before we went into the studio to record them.

Glenn: Pretty much all seven inches. Carl: Talks are in the works for a full-length. CT: For a while, you guys put out mostly tapes. Glenn: You get more recognition from seven inches, more press. Colin: People love vinyl better, too. Glenn: It sounds better. CT: Do you have enough stuff recorded for a CD?

Talk digresses into what records they bought, and awhile later, I try to resume the interview CT: You guys have come a long way from when you used to do a lot more covers. I remember seeing you back in 87 and you doing stuff by The Who and The Stones, and Gruesomes covers.

Doug: We were bad. CT: Remember that time in Kingston when you had to play two sets and you did all those crazy covers? Chris: We were really drunk. Chris: Nah, well we've done that Billy Bragg song, the two Pogues covers. Glenn: And we do one by this Halifax band who just broke up, Chaz Rules. CT: So, are the chicken coop rehearsal days over? And as recently as three years ago, they did it again for three more gigs, wrapped around a release of early recordings, Earwig Demos March And of course, the newly reissued compilation LP still forms a basis for the chat below to go with the context of the breakup that led to it.

Our band got on with them The Blake Babies - Earwig Demos 6-7 March 1988 (Vinyl at sound check—they were total sweeties! In short, they were great music fans and lovely people—though they deny that contention somewhat below; or more to the point, perhaps they were only not lovely to each other, or to anyone who just came to gawk at the girls instead of being into it for the music.

Not surprisingly, this old album, and the four proper ones they made, still retain the spark of love for that music they were making, and the fresh tunes they were writing, while they were covering songs by The Stooges, Neil Young, Grass Roots, Dinosaur Jr. Put all that in a blender with some more winsome folk rock from any Canyon you choose, you had a heady stew.

When this album first appeared, it was like a loose ends sum up for a band that had broken up when it was just starting to catch on with larger swatches of the indie rock loving fans worldwide.

Of course, the band has reformed since a few times and released music since. But was that how it felt at the time, and how does this album feel to you looking back at it now? Juliana was having some real success, so there was some sort of demand that Mammoth had in mind. I find that interesting because this was his introduction to the band, and the record he fell in love with.

I think that this compilation is a fine overview and a fine way for people who are maybe not too familiar with the band to get a taste of us. I cared strongly about our albums and EPs. Is the contemporary press release idea that you broke up because John and Freda wanted to move back to Indiana that got bandied about a bit back then the full story?

And is that obviously lingering friendship what you take away from the days, along with the music you made? Your perception of it is fascinating, because inside our bubble, it was very turbulent for a couple years. When we regrouped, especially recently, I think it was easy to do despite the trauma, because I was—and am—very LP) with how my life has turned out. And when I play music with Freda and Juliana lately, it makes me feel very connected to these wonderful people in a way that is very familiar and comforting.

It feels good to play music together, and thankfully it still sounds pretty good too. It seems like it was not a blunt moment of explosion and dispersal, but rather a drawn-out and painful tearing off of the Band-Aid.

About the breakup: I do remember being frustrated by what I perceived as the limitations of the band. We had a certain style and a sound and I was starting to feel like we had kind of taken it as far as we could, musically.

I also vaguely remember Freda maybe quit the band at some point, while John and I kept it going? Freda, evidently, maybe, was also frustrated with the situation, for whatever reasons. I remember doing shows on the west coast with a last-minute fill-in drummer and it was a nightmare.

And I remember doing a European tour with a different temporary drummer [Anthony DeLuca], and that was also a nightmare. Are my memories correct? I have a notoriously terrible memory. Now, I have only fond feelings and good memories about the band and about John and Freda. I think they are and were great people and incredible players; both of them had unique and compelling personal styles, from the beginning.

What was hardest for me was that we agreed to break up but kept playing shows, mostly to fulfill our obligations. Now I wish I had rallied to keep my shit together for a strong ending. My regret about that was one factor in my suggesting the [ comeback fourth LP] God Bless the Blake Babies reunion album and tour—I wanted a happier final chapter for us! I just feel lucky I ever got to be in a band with Juliana and John. JOHN: I appreciate the generous words from both—this is very therapeutic!

Nor would I want it to. The band ran its course, as bands do. It was painful at the time, and messy…but it was clearly right. And that we can make music together in later years, including recently, is a blessing.

Whereas back then, I was distracted a lot, because Freda and I were in a very close but rather dysfunctional romance that dated back to age I have a theory that people who get into serious relationships at a young age mature individually, but not as a couple. And observing her with Jake, her husband now of well over 20 years, it was the same thing. We acted immaturely towards each other, even as we matured as individuals. Thank you for all these candid and thoughtful answers.

They have a certain something together, that can only be made in concert with each other. But also albums exist on their own as just finished pieces of music. And the story John tells of how Joe fell in love with your group reminds that, like Singles Going Steady by The Buzzcocks—among the most famous of these non-albums that become albums to many, even unintended albums fashioned out of unconnected tracks—become whole and interesting albums just by existing.

It seems to compile like a totally different side of your band. Do you think so? JOHN: We had moments on those final tours of tensions boiling over, but I think mostly we were all just looking forward to our lives after the band.

We were always a city behind or ahead of that tour, and since we shared an agent with Sonic Youth, we could have gone to any show for free. Those songs were looser and less fussy than our own songs, and we really enjoyed just jamming. For me, playing those covers on stage was by far the high point of any day on tour at that stage. It was time to move on. You just kind of use what you have on hand.

Earwig Demos March [Color Vinyl] (LP) Blake Babies God Bless The Blake Babies(CD) Blake Babies Innocence And Experience (CD) Blake Babies [Light Blue Vinyl] (LP) Blake Babies Weird (LP) Juliana Hatfield Weird (Cassette) Juliana Hatfield Weird (CD) Juliana Hatfield. So instead of Innocence being the end of the story, all three resurfaced, only seven years later in and , to play shows and make ’s comeback fourth LP, God Bless the Blake Babies. And as recently as three years ago, they did it again for three more gigs, wrapped around a release of early recordings, Earwig Demos March View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Earwig on Discogs.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing COLORED VINYL LP: Mercury: $ Black Spartacus: Andromeda CD-r: Asaurus: $ Blake Babies, The: Earwig Demos March LP: Chew Bud: $ Blake/e/e/e: Border Radio CD: Freefolk: $ Blakes: Streets EP CD: Light in the Attic A Rough Guide To Blind Blake LP: World Music Network: $ Blind.

Earwig, an Album by Blake Babies. Released in on Mammoth (catalog no. MR; Vinyl LP). Genres: Jangle Pop. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing COLORED VINYL LP: Mercury: $ Black Spartacus: Andromeda CD-r: Asaurus: $ Blake Babies, The: Earwig Demos March LP: Chew Bud: $ Blake/e/e/e: Border Radio CD: Freefolk: $ Blakes: Streets EP CD: Light in the Attic A Rough Guide To Blind Blake LP: World Music Network: $ Blind.

Exploring Indie Rock and Vinyl. 1 – 50 of , Prev; Next.

Exploring Indie Rock and Vinyl. 1 – 50 of , Prev; Next. Blake Babies - Earwig LP (Mammoth) Bleach - Eclipse EP 12" (Way Cool) Gene - Here Tonight: The White Light Demos LP (Omnivore/A&M) transparent orange vinyl Clark, Gene - Two Sides To Every Story LP (RSO) white label promo Daytona Beach View LP (Syncro System) test press #6/7 Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo LP (Albert Productions).

Blake Babies - Earwig LP (Mammoth) Bleach - Eclipse EP 12" (Way Cool) Gene - Here Tonight: The White Light Demos LP (Omnivore/A&M) transparent orange vinyl Clark, Gene - Two Sides To Every Story LP (RSO) white label promo Daytona Beach View LP (Syncro System) test press #6/7 Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo LP (Albert Productions).


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  • Mar 07,  · Label: Chew Bud - CBJC • Format: Vinyl LP, Limited Edition Yellow / Black Marble • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock The Blake Babies - Earwig Demos March (, Yellow / Black Marble, Vinyl) | Discogs5/5(1).
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  • Earwig Demos March [Color Vinyl] (LP) Blake Babies God Bless The Blake Babies(CD) Blake Babies Innocence And Experience (CD) Blake Babies [Light Blue Vinyl] (LP) Blake Babies Weird (LP) Juliana Hatfield Weird (Cassette) Juliana Hatfield Weird (CD) Juliana Hatfield.
  • So instead of Innocence being the end of the story, all three resurfaced, only seven years later in and , to play shows and make ’s comeback fourth LP, God Bless the Blake Babies. And as recently as three years ago, they did it again for three more gigs, wrapped around a release of early recordings, Earwig Demos March
  • Earwig, an Album by Blake Babies. Released in on Mammoth (catalog no. MR; Vinyl LP). Genres: Jangle Pop.

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